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Last season I counted 21 ballparks that Chasers visited on Opening Day and posted a photo. If you would like to participate, lets use this thread to post a picture of you at a 2013 MLB Opening Day game. It doesn't have to be a game on Monday, April 1st, it just has to be the ballparks first home game of the regular season. Lets see if we can get all 30 ballparks represented!



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I was at Cincinnati too Michael! I stayed for all 4 hours and 45 minutes freezing my butt off too! It was a sad ending though when they lost in the 13th inning! Bonus baseball was nice though.

Here's a twofer: Sunday 3/31 at Houston, then Monday 4/1 at Phoenix. Started from San Francisco and used up all my Southwest reward miles to do it, but a double thrill! Both were great games!

How fun! Thanks for posting, Rich!

awesome! sounds fun!

Toronto Blue Jays Home Opener 2013

No major league opening days for me this year after seeing Twins in 11 and Marlins in 12 :( The Mets (and other teams, but I am a met fan first amoung MLB) jacking up the prices for that game has taken some of the fun out of it. Vacation schedule does not allow for opening day this year, but I should be seeing the Pirates, Mets and Mariners again later in the month + an outside chance at the Indians. Also will get to see the college baseball team (Albany) I follow home opener on Saturday after 21 (I was at 5) road games to start the season.

I made it to Opening Day at George Steinbrenner Field in Tampa to see the Lakeland Flying Tigers take on the Tampa Yankees (after going to the O's vs Rays afternoon game) in the Florida State League season opener. They didn't do anything special at all to commemorate it.
There's a slim change I may go to the Palm Beach Cardinals FSL opening tonight, if I get out of work in time and the weather behaves.

Opening Day Comerica Park


17th consecutive Opening Day for the Rangers in Arlington....and we drove down on Wednesday for the Rangers-Astros game before that.

Yesterday was the probably the best weather for a home opener at Wrigley Field in 5 years. I am not expecting much of this team for 2013, however...



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