Need help with parking at Marlins for Cubs/Marlins on 6/1. Friends in Miami don't know the area, except to say it's quite unsafe. The Neighborhood-O-Meter of Miami-Dade County (Metropolitan Miami)on Googlempaps gives the ballpark area the next to lowest rating possible re: safety.

Anyone know the exit routes from various lots? Which is best to get back to 836 then 95? I know most police departments re-route traffic so you can't rely on Google maps.

It's my 14 yr old son and me. We can take a shuttle from stadium to Culmer Station but wondering about walking from shuttle to car, especially since most parking is apparently across the street from the station.

Considering the Marlins draw low numbers, there's not likely to be "safety in numbers" after the game. Or do a lot of people use the shuttles from the metro stations?

Thanks in advance.

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Area is safe. There are garages right next to the stadium for $15. If you want to save, there are lots on NW 7th Street for less. We usually park at a day care 5 minutes west of the stadium for $5.

Thanks, Paul.You're the first person to say the area is safe!!!

I was at Miami this weekend with my 14 yo son. Easy parking in an adjacent lot on Saturday night in some lady's front yard on Sunday -- that was 1/4 block from the stadium.

I can't speak to exit routes -- I plugged the address of my hotel into my gps and whenever a road was blocked, I just turned the legal way and the gps recalculated. I will say I was surprised by the traffic given the low numbers. Sat announced crowd was 21,000 but I'd bet a paycheck that the turnstile was less than 15,000.

Thanks, Jeff. I'll likely park in a reserved lot for peace of mind, the extra $5 is worth it to me to enjoy the game knowing the car's in a well lit lot and that I have a known exit route. I'm a map person, still getting used to GPS and audible directions. :)

Been awhile since I've been down there, I live in Orlando, but they have a garage right outside the outfield gates. I always stay in Ft Lauderdale, its a short drive to ballpark.

The parking garages are practically attached to the ballpark. $15 and you don't even have to step foot across the street or park in some old lady's backyard. I've lived in Miami my entire life and can assure you, the area isn't "unsafe" per se it just makes no sense to pay $10 in someone's yard compared to $15 inside garage attached to ballpark. Buy in advance.



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