I'm heading to Texas in a couple of weeks for the first time to see the Rangers and Astros games.  Where would you recommend to hang out before the games in Arlington and Houston?

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Jeff - 

Be sure to check out the 'Chaser Guides' link to the left of FAQ in the upper part of this page.  They've got some recommendations.  It's been a while since I've been to Arlington but was in Houston the last few years.  I did try the Home Plate Grill right across the street from Minute Maid and it was decent.

Thanks Meg for the advice. I will check it out.

Hey Jeff,

I did this trip a few years back with some friends. I would suggest in Houston to hang out at Flying Saucer. They have excellent beer selections and its short to mild walk through the city to the stadium. Well worth it.


For Rangers in Arlington, I would suggest a place called Bikini's. Yes they do wear bikinis there and serve beers/food. However, the other best part of that place is the deal you get by parking there and getting a go cart ride into the stadium and back. I do believe there are other restaurants nearby that do the same.


Best of luck on your chase in Texas.


As a Houstonian I  will second the flying Saucer. Its short walk. For a comprehensive list of food and hangout spots look up houston press 

Before the Rangers game check out "Redneck Heaven". It's within 2/3 miles of the stadium.  Actually check out their website beforehand to see what you think.  It's a crazy little place, but if you like "people watching" and you are not easily offendid I'd go here.  And the food and beer were reasonably priced and great! We didn't go out before the Astros game so I have no suggestion there.  We played it cheap and drank at the hotel before that game. Enjoy Texas!

Thank you everyone for the suggestions.  I can't wait to see all these places for myself.

I went last year and did both stadiums. In houston i went to a restaurant called Ninfas. http://www.ninfas.com/

It is original Tex mex and its right by the stadium. Best of all they have a Free shuttle that will take you to the game and bring you back. Saves on parking. i took it and it worked great

In Arlington i went to papasitos cantina. it was right by the stadium . It was expensive but so good. Good thing too is that maybe texas wont be so hot. When we went Arlington was scorching hot,



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