I live in St. Louis... I'm considering doing DET-CLE-PIT-CIN by car over Fourth of July weekend.  I have visited Cleveland (10 years ago), Pittsburgh (3 years ago) & Cincinnati (last year) before but not Detroit.

I'm under mandate from the wife to do it as cheap as possible. I'll be driving our very gas efficient Chevy, and going with a friend to split hotel costs.  We also plan to stay at roadside or airport hotels rather than downtown to save money, and use mass transit when possible to save $ on parking.  We plan to get OK seats - not nosebleeds, not field level - as baseball is the focal point of the trip and we want to see the games well.

Any other ideas out there to cut costs and/or keep them low?  Also, any tips/thoughts on any of the stadiums or surrounding areas, especially Detroit?

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Thanks, I will add it to the Chaser Guide then!

Thank you all for the tips. This is so helpful, especially the Detroit parking tips. We have decided to add the White Sox to the trip, so will be doing five ballparks in five days. 1635 miles ballpark to ballpark. We can't wait. I'll definitely report back on how things go.

I go to about 30 games a year in Detroit. I park at MGM Grand Casino for FREE. 10-15 minutes walk. As far as a cheap hotel in the Detroit Area, I always recommend the Motel 6 in Madison Heights. I-75, Exit 65. $30-$40 and it's in a decent neighborhood. The one thing I STRONGLY recommend in Detroit is go see the site of old Tiger Stadium. Corner of Michigan and Trumbull. You can enter through the gate on Michigan. The building is gone, but the field has been restored by a group called the Navin Field Grounds Crew (of which I am a member). Check out their facebook page for more info. Seriously, it's a really cool feeling to be able to play catch or hit baseball where 90 years worth of American League greats played.



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