I love promotions! Nothing like going to see your team play or a seeing a new park and getting a Bobblehead for free for your surveniors, so thinking upon this, our next ballpark we want to visit in Fenway. If you don't know they are in the 100th year this year! So, I figured they would have all kinda of bobbleheads, blankets, garden ghomes, mini bats, SOMETHING? Maybe I missed it all?  I did not see a single giveaway! Advise please!

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You didn't miss anything. The Red Sox just don't giveaway a whole bunch of stuff. Most, if anything is usually attached to their Red Sox Nation clubs. However if you go to the customer service desk inside the park they may give you a few goodies for your first trip to Fenway.

Good luck.

It does seem kinda silly, doesn't it? But I guess they don't need to considering they have sold out homes games for the last 9 years! Unfortunately, the only thing you are going to get is a cool ticket stub. 



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