I'm currently planning our third annual chasers road trip. After doing the East and West Coast in the last two years, this year we decided to focus on the Central divisions. We'll be seeing 7 games at 7 stadiums in 7 days (PNC, Progressive, Comerica, Wrigley, Miller, US Cellular and Great American).

I've read about the Upper Deck restriction at U.S. Cellular. Unfortunately, the only game that fit into our window is against the Cubs and due to the wonders of dynamic pricing the cheapest seats in the house are $42 in the Upper Deck. I wasn't about to shell out $90 to sit in the Bleachers and I'm trying to keep costs down as much as possible so it looks like we have no choice but to sit up top.

As part of my chasing, I like to walk around the entire park and take a ton of photos. I'll usually do this before the game and during the first few innings before settling into my seat for the remainder of the game.

My question is this: is it possible to enter the stadium and walk the lower concourse for a while before going to my seat or is there a separate entrance for 500 level seats (similar to what they have at Dodger Stadium)?

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Good morning Kris,
Unfortunately no they will be checking tickets the moment you walk into the gate. What I'd recommend is getting in contact with the White Sox ticket office beforehand and explain your situation. They are among the best service reps in the industry and they will do almost anything to help a fan out- chances are they could get someone to escort you around. Ask for Night Train (Bill Veeck's grandson), Alexa, or Reynel when calling. Good luck and go White Sox!!!

The White Sox will check tickets and will not let you on the lower concourse.  I never sit in the upper deck these days.  However, in the playoffs of 2008, I did buy an upper deck ticket and I was allowed on the concourse prior to the game.  May be worth a shot, but be prepared your entire view may be from the top.



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