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Being from the UK I just wondered how often game cancellations actually occur in the MLB....I am just trying to plan out my next 4 match visit in June, and another 2 in September and ideally look to have  reserve day in hand but on my schedules its not always possible !

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I don't think it is very common.  I did have a Chicago Cubs game cancelled in June about 2 years ago, a tornado came through..  If you were looking in April I'd say it would be more of a risk, but June and September are probably pretty safe.  Where are you looking to go?  You can look up typical weather for that location during those time frames.  

Rain outs don’t happen often. I’m a reds sth and we might have 2-3 a year. All the stadiums have high tech drainage systems in plus everyone involved with the games hate having double headers. So we might have to sit through a rain delay here or there but chances are good the game will be played.

Thanks chaps...

Checked the weather averages, and doesn't look to bad - as said usually like to build in a contingency but as doing a mid west tour with 4 parks, its not always that easy !

I am going in late May into June.....Brewers,Twins, White Sox then Cincinnati Reds

Then a lads trip in September, with Mets and Red Sox 

That will hopefully leave just 10 to go !

When your in Cincinnati make sure you go to some of the breweries. Also get some skyline chili and some ribs at Montgomery inn. Montgomery inn is located east of the ballpark along the river.

Cheers...sounds good...seen a good few beer bars on rate beer to try !



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