I've seen a few posts about this in the past, been a few years since ive been on this site.  What is the land record for visiting all 30 major league ballparks in the fastest time.  According to Guinness book of records, I see 29 days back in 2005.  Is this still the quickest or is there something else.  I thought I seen 26 days somewhere, any help on this would be appreciated.  Obviously I'm not trying anything this year.  Thanks again. 

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The land record, as far as I know, is 30 in 26.  You can search for Thirty26 on this site and read about the trip.  I was part of the final week of the trip.  My friend Josh completed all 30, I helped with the final 8 I believe.

He let his website go offline.  Not sure why.


Yes, I believe Josh Robbins has the land record of 30 in 26. Chuck Booth has the non-land record of 30 ballparks in 23 days. He also has the record of seeing the most major league games in one season. I thought I was a pretty hardcore fan, but these guys are truly next level.




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