Hi! I'm new here.

Quick question. We are visiting Coors Field for the first time Labor day weekend (park number 16!). Just wondering if we buy tickets to the Rock Pile if we will have access to the entire park or not.

Thanks so much!


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I'll be visiting Denver in about a week will try to check that out

Thanks so much!

Yes, you can access the whole park with Rock Pile seats.
Thanks! Can't wait to visit in six weeks!

Is tailgating big there?

I don't know. Unfortunately after getting out there on Friday we didn't make to the game due to family emergency... we had to leave Monday morning. But over the weekend had a great time on Mt. Evans, and drove down to Colorado Springs and saw Garden of the Gods and Seven Falls. All geological wonders! Beau Jo's pizza is pretty darn good too. Had a breakfast at Sam's Number 3. My wife had creamy pancakes that were really, really good. I also want to compliment Stub Hub we had purchased 3 sets of tickets through them and they gave us a full refund (credit) for future games.

We are also planning to go to Coor's Field in August so I'm open to any suggestions of places to eat or things to do or best place to sit in the ballpark. Any ballpark foods you'd recommend? Best way to buy tickets or easiest gate to get in. Also, hotels you might recommend within walking distance.

I'm sorry you didn't get to go! Hope everything is okay. But really happy that stub hub gave you credit for future games! I hope you get to make it to one soon!

I'm not sure we'll get a chance to head down to Colorado Springs this time around, but if we do, Garden of the Gods is on our list! Thanks for the food suggestions! It's been a couple of years since we were last in Denver (and the Rockies were never in town!).

We will be staying at Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Denver. We booked it a while ago, but it's also a Ballpark Chaser recommended hotel, and less than a mile and a half from the field.

Bob had suggested both Sam's Number 3 and Beau Jo's. The mexican food in Colorado is amazing. I personally thinks it beats Cali. So Sam's is probably going to be on our list to try. We're new yorker's so we tend to stay away from pizza/italian outside the tri-state area.

Thanks to everyone!

We ended up getting regular tickets, and then were able to upgrade them via the At the Ballpark app for about $20. We ended up with seats behind homeplate! 

We stayed at the Hilton downtown, which is recommend by ballpark chasers and we definitely enjoyed our stay there. The hilton is about a mile from the park, and we did uber TO the park from the hotel, but we walked back after to the game, which was fine.

We did check out the national ballpark museum earlier in the day, as a baseball fan, totally worth it. They had so much cool stuff. We also visited Garden of the Gods. It was about an hour away from Denver, but totally worth the drive. 

We ate at Panzano, which is actually a restaurant in the Monaco (another hotel recommended by ballpark chasers). Usually we stay away from italian out of the tri-state area, but it was amazing, which fresh housemade pasta. We also ended up checking out the Denver Biscuit company and Voodoo doughnuts. Both places require about an hour wait time, but both places were worth it. 

For the most part, we enjoyed our visit to Coors Field. The roof top deck bar area was pretty cool and seems to have the best food. For the most part, the staff was super nice, accommodating and helpful, with a couple of exceptions. We went to pick up our tickets at the box office for a 6:10 game around 3:30 and the woman at the window did not seem to know where are tickets were and didn't want to deal with it. She told us to just come back at 4:30 instead and speak to someone at a different window.

Also, we always search out the Mickey Mouse's from the 2010 Allstar games. So parks have them displayed, some... don't know what happened to them. We went to guest services and explained we travel to ballparks and just wanted a picture of the mickey. They told us they did have the mickey, but it was club level, so we weren't allowed to see it. We asked if there was a better time to come back (not during the game, early before the game, etc). Just a flat no, and we were dismissed. 

Onto the next park... 14 left!

I haven't heard of Denver Buscuit Company. Tell me more! Do you recommend? 

Hi Craig!

We definitely recommend - IF you have the time to wait. The wait is about an hour, and it appears from the reviews on Yelp, and from friends of ours who went the week before that this is average. However, for brunch, the food is worth it. The portions are large, but delicious. They don't take reservations, but you can do carry-out. 

My boyfriend had their biscuit french toast, which came with an apple crumble. As we didn't realize the portion size, he also ordered fried chicken, which turned out to be overkill. I got three sides - a biscuit, cheesy grits, and eggs. It was a lot of food, and we didn't come close to finishing it. 

Sounds amazing...thanks for the review! :)



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