i have to be in portland next month and have a chance to run up to safeco for a midweek midday game vs rangers, before i invest in a ticket, i see the camera policy is that nothing that could interfere with another fans enjoyment is banned, including detachable telephoto lenses??, never had any issue bringing in a 70-200 to any stadium before. anyone know from experience??

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This issue is brought up a lot in my local team forum.  That policy is in place to protected the paid journalist photographers.  Don't be obnoxious 

It also depends on where you are sitting.  Front Row with Camera overhanging the wall or around the home plate area compared to 2nd or upper decks. 

You could also call Safeco Field to and ask them.

thanks, i have a fairly short, 70-300 i can bring, it's not 2.8 so it's not a massive lens, and it's black not white, white lenses scream pro, at least to a lot of gate people, i am in row4, seat 7 on visitors side, section 120 a field level section, so i expect it'll be ok, and i never interfere with people around me, if the camera comes up to my face it is tu kew in tight and close



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