Hi All,

Heading to St Louis for opening weekend in April. Looking for any advice on where to eat and other things to see while in St Louis. Thanks in advance for any insight.

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Yes please let me know what u see and find out . I will be there April 19th 2017. 

Thank U


Do you have tickets yet?  If not you should look into one of the all inclusive sections at Busch Stadium.  It's my favorite way to go to Busch.  You'll have to check into what alcoholic drinks you would like, food you would prefer but most games you can find seats under $100.  They have quite a few sections actually all inclusive. 

If you've already bought tickets and just looking for somewhere else to eat, Mike Shannon's, Ozzie's, or the Brew house, right next door all offer great food choices with a baseball atmosphere. 

As far as other things to do, depends if you have kids, like horses, etc.  Check out the Arch, the City museum (if you have kids with you, this is a must, it's just a large playground), Grant's Farm, Budweiser Brewery/Tour, and the St Louis Zoo is free, but you'll have to pay around $20 for parking or walk a good distance.  I love St Louis!  I'll be there myself in April vs the Reds. :)

Thank you Lisa! We are going for Tuesdays game vs Cubs. Will try out one of those restaurants you suggested. Enjoy your trip to St Louis

Hi Lisa

Thanks again for the reply, here is a recap of our trip. 

I live in the Detroit area but am also a huge Cubs fan since I was a kid, not bandwagon at all. So going to see the Cubs on the road is always a treat for me, this was my 4th Cubs road trip. I was lucky to convince a friend to fly in to meet me there too , even though he hates the Cubs. LOL. He got all done up in Cardinal gear just because, and it was great. The day had a strong chance of rain and that was awful to think about but it ended up being a great night weather wise. We arrived at the game and checked out Cardinal Nation with all the bars and restaurants well before the game started, to my surprise there was a lot of Cubs fans . Maybe 30/70 or better. And this made me so happy! I gotta admit, I was a bit nervous because of some terrible treatment in Cleveland wearing opposing team attire. But all was good. mad respect for St Louis fans, they were great and we all had a good time. 

Before the game we visited a Bogaerts BBQ and were quite pleased with the food. Also we stopped by the Arch and a few local spots , all very cool.St Louis is great city . clean ,friendly and easy to navigate. 

Once at the stadium area we stopped by the Brewhouse and enjoyed pregame festivities.Had a few beverages and were ready for the game.I'd say this was top 3 for stadiums and atmosphere and highly recommend for all baseball fans, top notch.

If you're in the D let me know and I can give some good recommendations and possibly get some nice seats too. Enjoy the baseball season!!!!

Awesome!  I'm glad StL treated you all well.  I consider Cincy my hometown park, because I'm a Reds fan. It's small, quaint, fun atmosphere, but I do love StL as well.  It's a little more modern, also a little more pricey. Lol.

I have not been to D, but of course it's on my list! Thanks, and I'll be sure to check back with you when I get there. 



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