Well, I am officially starting my quest to visit all MLB stadiums, and am trying to group/pair visits and have the following schedule planned out.  Does anyone have advice on best way to map out some of these trips? 

My goal is to visit 5-6 stadiums per year with 3-4 trips each year.  Here's the line up based on 3 trips a year:

2015 - 1) Marlins Park (opening day);  2) Tropicana Field;  3) Dodger Stadium/Angel Stadium/ Petco Park

2016 - 1) Comerica Park/ Progressive Field/ Great American BallPark; 2) Target Field; 3) Chase Field  

2017 - 1) Atlanta (opening day @ new park); 2) Yankee Stadium/Citi Field; 3) Globe Life Park/ Minute Maid

2018 - 1) PNC Park; 2) Safeco; 3) miller park/ us cellular/ Wrigley (post renovation).

2019 - 1) AT&T/Orange Coliseum; 2) Kauffman Stadium/Busch Stadium; 3) Rogers Centre

2020 - 1) Citizens Park/Camden yards/ Nationals Park; 2) Coors Field; 3) Fenway

I live in Miami so am starting out with FL teams this year along with a trip to California. Curious if anyone else has mapped out all the stadiums and if you might have a different strategy to see all the stadiums?

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I guess it all depends on how long you want your trips to be.  Some friends and I going to do both New Yorks, Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington together next year.  I know the schedule isn't out, but I have been looking at that trip for a couple of years and there is always a few times of year that works for that mix.  I did Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Cleveland and both Chicagos 2 years ago and none of the driving was too bad.  I am doing Atlanta, Texas and Houston this, the flight from Atlanta to Dallas was just so cheap.  Coming up with plans/ideas for trips is almost as exciting as doing the trips for me.  Whatever you decide, have fun !!!!

Dustin, I am planning the exact same trip. Might add Toronto, Detroit and Cleveland in if I can get enough time off work, but for sure the same 6 you are doing. I will probably fly into DC and work my way up. Just started looking at hotels and other things to do. Took a 3 week Midwest road trip with 8 parks a few years ago and it was one of my favorite trips for sure. Any suggestions or advice you have, I will take it:)So much fun just planning.

6, maybe 9 ballparks in one trip! Wow, what a trip!! With us just sticking to the 6 east coast ballparks, I think we are going to try to fly into New York and then go wherever the best match ups take us. With us starting in New York, we plan to double back to New York so we don't get hit with an extra charge for the rental car. If you can get the extra time off, I would try to hit Pittsburgh too if you are going to add a few more stops. PNC Park is my favorite ballpark, and I am a Padre fan so no biased opinion, so if you haven't been to that park yet, try to add it to this unreal trip you are planning. i am not sure how you plan your trips, figure it out yourself or if you "find" a trip through a website, but when I figured out the 6 game east coast trip we could have done this year, I double checked my results by using Baseball-RoadTrip.com to make sure I figured things out correctly and to make sure we could do all 6 parks on one trip. Sorry for the long winded reponse, but no matter what you decide to do, have a great trip and "try" to enjoy yourself. :) If you remember, please let me know what you finally decide to do and I will check back in with you when you get back to pick your brain a little for my trip next year. have a great summer!

PNC is my Fav park, next to Coors Field-which is my home field. Going to Seattle in Aug. After that I will have 9 parks left to see(most of the East Coast Fields and Florida). We might just stick with the 6 you are doing. I used that site Baseball-RoadTrip.com a few years ago when I did 3 week baseball road trip. Enjoyed so much, have to do it again. We also stopped at many major colleges[mostly B1G10]and amusement parks as well. This time probably a bit more history with the cities we will be in. A year away, but will give me time to plan. I am not sure if I want to rent a car, thinking of using train system, but have to research it a bit more. Not sure I want to drive in NYC, lol.

Do Petco last...save the best for last.


When we started planning our quest, we broke stadiums out in natural geographic clusters. We decided that 6-7 hours was as far as we'd like to drive befween cities. In some cases, when there was a larger gap, but we wanted to include another park and the flight was cheap enough, we would fly. Our goal was to see as many games as we could each trip. We also didn't want to have any off days. Most importantly, we wanted to enjoy the road trip aspect.. Here's how we did/are planning on doing it, in exact order:

Trip 1
Yankee Stadium
Nationals Park
Camden Yards
Citizens Bank Park
Fenway Park
Citi Field
Note: I'm based in NY, so we bookended the NY parks on this trip. You will probably want to group them together.

Trip 2
Safeco Field
AT&T Park
O.Co Coliseum
Dodger Stadium
Angel Stadium
Petco Park

Trip 3
PNC Park
Progrssive Field
Comerica Park
Wrigley Field
Miller Park
U.S. Cellular Field
Great American Ball Park

Trip 4
Coors Field (paired with a Broncos game)

Trip 5
Turner Field
Tropicana Field
Marlins Park
Globe Life Park
Minute Maid Park

Trip 6
Chase Field (paired with a Cardinals game)

Trip 7
Busch Stadium
Kauffman Stadium
Target Field
Rogers Centre

Everyone has their own ideas and objectives when it comes to chasing. However you decide to tackle it will be the right way. I hope this is helpful.

I’m completing my quest visit all MLB stadiums in two years this June. I did two 5 stadium trips, four 3 stadium trips, and two 2 stadium trips. I’ve found that grouping the stadiums into clusters helps knock out more stadiums faster and it saves money. By flying out on a Friday and finishing with a day game on Sunday you can see three ballparks with only two hotel nights. And it cuts down on flights.


One issue I see with your trips is that you want to see games in the same metro area on the one trip. The problem is that MLB usually schedules one team at home and the other on the road for three games series. I think the two New York teams were home at the same time on only 5 days when I was planning my trip in 2014. I was able to see the Giants on a Sunday and the Athletics on Memorial Day. You have to schedule your trips based on the baseball schedule, not necessarily your preference. Even then I ended up with five stadiums (Diamondbacks, Blue Jays, White Sox, Pirates, Phillies) that I couldn’t cluster with other stadiums close by. Hence my two stadium trips.


I agree with Dustin Beers. Planning the trips is almost as fun as going on them.


You might be helped by reading my blog at http://all30stadiums.blogspot.com. I have tips on flights, hotels, game tickets, and ground transportation. 

That seems like a great strategy.  We went to Camden Yards, Citizens Park, and Nationals Park on one trip last year.  It was very doable and a lot of fun.  We couldn't see games at all three but the tours were good, too.

I see Rogers in 2019, but you may be able to add on to your Comerica / Progressive trip, as Toronto is a 4 hour drive from Cleveland and a three hour drive from Detroit.

A lot of your planning is going to depend on the schedules for each team that year. You may find a team on a long road trip when you want to see them. As mentioned, teams in the same city or very near each other rarely play on the same day, so you will have to find the Cubs, say on a Thursday, and the Sox on a Friday as the Cubs head out of town.

If you can pull this off in 6 years, oongrats! My chase is longer than that, with 8 to go!

If I were you I would recommend you start by knocking out all the stadiums in states with multiple teams for example, I would plan a whole California trip starting in SF and work your way to down to San Diego, or do the east coast trip by flying to philadelphia and take amtrak all the way from PHI to NY to Baltimore and then DC and in 2 trips you seen already 10. This way you save some cash!

Wow, looks like 6 fun summers you have planned out! I am sure there will be a lot of Chasers at the Inaugural game at Atlanta's new ballpark (myself included)!

Hi. I've been to 14 parks, and would like to catch the others as follows:

- at least 5 parks this summer via road trip (Pirates, Reds, Cubs, ChiSox, Brewers). Might extend to hit Cardinals & Royals and knock off 7 parks.

- catch Rangers/Astros on a future Texas trip

- catch Angels/Dodgers on a future LA trip

- make a trip to Denver solely to see the Rockies

- save A's, Braves, Rays/Marlins til new ballparks get built



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