I'm new to Ballpark Chasers and I am going on a road trip to the Midwest this summer. We will see 9 stadiums but as the schedule works out we'll only see games in 7 of them. I need to know if it is better to see a game in U.S. Cellular Field or Busch Stadium. And then a game in Progressive Field or in Great American Ballpark. Thanks!!

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For my money, I would go to Busch.. just cause it's the Cardinals... as for the other, toss up, going to Progressive in few weeks and never been to G.A.B, I'll let you know about about Progressive.

One thing to keep in mind though, is if you go to Sox game you might be able to double and catch a Cubs day game. And/or since you're in CHI, you're very close to Milwaukee...

I am going to Chicago it's just there's two different dates we would go one in june one in July. So it's just if we want to see Busch and Progressive or U.S. and GABP

And please let me know!!

When you going to Chicago? I'm headed there June 10-13, catching both cubs & sox

I'm going either June 20 to like July 3 or July 3rd to July 14. This is a family roadtrip so we're gone a while.

I would suggest to see the ballparks that you find is harder to get to. Meaning, if you have family in one of these cities or know you will go back in the future, save that ballpark for another time. Another way to think about it is save the ballpark where it is a cheaper flight in. For example, is it less expensive to travel to Chicago or St. Louis for you? Save the cheaper flight or drive option for a future ballpark trip. With that being said, my feedback from various ballpark chasers is GABP and Busch Stadium are usually ranked higher than US Cellular and Progressive.

I'd definately choose Busch over U.S. Cellular. Progressive and Great American is a more difficult choice. I would choose Great American because the Reds are playing well and they have great fans. To me its a nicer looking field than Progressive and has a better atmosphere.

Thanks for the help!!!.

If you do go to Great American Ballpark, check out the Reds Museum and Hall of Fame, but don't do like I did and assume it would be open all game. I missed seeing it by 10 minutes.


Busch Stadium is better than U.S. Cellular. St/ Louis is a great baseball town. As for Progressive Field & Great American Ball Park, that's a tough call. I personally like Cleveland because I know good people who live there. I plan to go to Cincinnati on July 7th and Cleveland on July 12th if that helps your decision making. I prefer Cleveland also because it's more convenient for me to get to from NYC where I live. I have seen 33 games at Progressive Field and 6 at GABP. I also saw 9 each at the old ballparks, Municipal & Riverfront.

I do agree with Craig's reasoning so you know. That makes perfect sense. I'm just trying to give you my personal experience from over the years.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman

I think I'm in Cleveland on the 12th too!!!!

I'm a White Sox fan, and I'm telling you, go to Busch. It's much better.

As for the other one, I prefer Great American of the two you are choosing from.



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