I'm new to Ballpark Chasers and I am going on a road trip to the Midwest this summer. We will see 9 stadiums but as the schedule works out we'll only see games in 7 of them. I need to know if it is better to see a game in U.S. Cellular Field or Busch Stadium. And then a game in Progressive Field or in Great American Ballpark. Thanks!!

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It's a shame you can't go by the weather...if one game was going to be rained out it would be easy!

First, I agree with what Craig said...try to go to whichever ballpark would be harder to visit in the future.

But if that is not a factor, there could be other things that figure in. First, is money an issue? Which team to see could make a difference in what you spend. For example, U.S. Cellular and Busch are both on the high-priced side, but if the White Sox are playing the Cubs and the Cardinals are playing the Padres, you'll probably save some money at the Cardinals game. Similarly, if one team is playing on a weekend, that might be a tougher ticket too.

Your preferred mode of travel is a factor too...if you don't want to pay parking prices, Progressive Field is a little easier to get to by public transit than Great American.

Finally there's the food...are you more interested in trying a Loaded dog with Bertman's mustard in Cleveland, or do you want to try one of those famous Skyline chili dogs in Cincinnati?

OK, I probably just made the decision a little tougher. So this is just my personal opinion, but I prefer Busch to U.S. Cellular--better ballpark neighborhood and a little nicer to look at, and I prefer Progressive (sorry--the Jake) to Great American, but I haven't been to Great American since 2003 so I don't know much about how the place has gotten better, which I hear it has.

Hope that helps!

Thanks, That helps and gives me some things to think about!


As Craig commented earlier I would find which ballpark offers the least availability to travel in the future. With that said, as many parks my son and I have seen I would suggest you see something outside the stadium that sparks your interest. St. Louis has the arch and Chokia Indians Mounds. Chicago has, well pizza, Wrigley and Al Capone. Find something interesting to you and chase it.

Thanks I'll think about that!!!

Fortunately both Cleveland and Cincinnati are playing winning baseball, so you should see a good game which ever place you choose. I'm from Cleveland originally, but have resided in Cincinnati for the past 30 years. Cleveland's stadium is older, designed after Camden Yards in Baltimore. The stadium was a state of the art in the 1990's and received great reviews because it was different from the cookie cutters, Pittsburgh, Philly, Cinci, St.Louis. Also, Cleveland had signed a group of young talented players to long term contacts who produced many division titles and World Series appearances. By doing so, they broke the consecutive game sellout record and was the place to go.
Cincinnati had the misfortune of building their stadium after the hugh overun from the building of the football stadium next door. The stadium had a strict budget and was not able to open with all the amenities it had planned, but has since completed many nice features and is a great place to watch a game.
Personally I enjoy going to a Cincinnati game over a Cleveland game(never thought I would say that). Maybe because it is newer and more activity around the stadium to make it a fun place to be. Cleveland does have the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, which it worth the visit if you have time. Cincinnati has a great baseball HOF and is also worth the visit. If you go to Cincinnati, try to go on a friday night, the fireworks are fantastic. Also, get seats on the 3rd base line, 2nd or 3rd level facing the river.
One other thing, Cleveland did lower their beer and hot dog prices by about 33% this year.
Never been to St Louis, but plan to go later this year....




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