I'm turning 30 this summer and currently have 12 ballparks to go to hit 30. I'm planning my ultimate Baseball road trip over the first 2 weeks of July, starting in Toronto, and ending in Denver:

Here's the games we're planning to see:

Jul 2: Toronto vs. Milwaukee @ 12:37 pm
Jul 3: Detroit vs. Tampa Bay @ 7:08 pm
Jul 4: Cleveland vs. Kansas City @ 7:05 pm
Jul 5: Pittsburgh
vs. Philadelphia @ 4:05 pm
Jul 6: Cincinnati vs. Milwaukee @ 1:10 pm
Jul 8: St Louis vs. Pittsburgh @ 7:15 pm
Jul 10: Kansas City vs. Detroit @ 7:10 pm
Jul 11: Colorado vs. Minnesota @ 6:40 pm

What are certain things that I must do or avoid along the way? Which cities do you recommend spending more time in over others during the "off" days?

I appreciate any and all feedback.


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Darius - 

It doesn't look like you'll have whole lot of extra time in some of the cities.

When in Kansas City, a must is to check out the Negro League Baseball Museum.  

When at Coors Field, see if you can take a tour of the stadium.  I've been a couple of times and they do a good job.  It may be different now that they've installed The Rooftop.  

Enjoy your trip!


Having done five games in five cities in five days, and doing similar again this summer, you don't have a lot of time in a city. If you're driving, that can take most of the day. The drive from Kansas City to Denver is 600 miles. That'd be a lot to do in one day and give you no time off. If you're driving Cincinnati to St. Louis, I'd do it on the off day.

I flew into Detroit, caught a 1 PM game and then drove to Cleveland and got there around 7 PM. I had most of the day before the Indians game and went to the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame, but wish I'd gone to the Pro Football Hall of Fame instead. 

If you're driving, do you want your days or nights free? I drove after afternoon games in the evening. I could've stayed in the city overnight and then drove in the morning. On the other hand, it can be tough to catch a flight after a game unless it's a 1 PM start. So I tend to fly out in the morning.

If you're flying, your flight times might not give you much flexibility. If you want to catch a flight from Cincinnati to St. Louis there might only be one time where there's an affordable rate. 

I agree, the first 5 days will be pretty much catching the game at night then staying over in that city and driving to the next during the next day. But I have some options: Stay in Pittsburgh or Cincy on Jul 5? Stay extra night in Cincy on Jul 6 or drive to St Louis in the evening? Spend an extra day in St Louis or KC? Spend the off day on Jul 7 in Indianapolis? Was wondering if some cities were more interesting than others.

Thanks in advance!

If there's something you want to do in any of these cities, do it. Personally, it's all about the ballparks. So I make sure I see nine innings and plan around that. So I take an inconvenient flight so I'll make sure I make the game. I want to stay in a three star hotel, but the point isn't the hotel. So if I can save money staying in the same quality hotel in Columbia, MO instead of St. Louis or Kansas City, I'll do that. 

After the game on July 6 I'd drive to Indianapolis or Louisville and stay overnight there. Then catch a minor league game on July 7. Drive to St. Louis on the 8th. 

I would suggest Louisville for July 7. It is on the way between Cincinnati and St Louis. Also there is a minor league team , the louisville slugger museum and churchhill downs /kentucky derby museum  . Toronto has  hockey hall of fame and Kansas city as someone said negro league hall of fame. Near Detroit is a Henry Ford museum .



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