Now that the schedules are out, we need to decide where it is we are going this summer...


We want to go to Seattle, but I have questions. 


Is there adequate public trans? 

Good bars? (close the the field? Because there was NOTHING by the park in Philly)  (We basically go to see how much we can stimulate the economy)


Thanks for any input/advice! We will be coming in from Houston.  

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There is definitely good public transportation within the city itself. If you want to head out of the city, a car definitely is needed. There are some good bars around the stadium and within downtown which isn't too far away. Biggest difference between Philly and Seattle is that the stadium is much closer to downtown.


Enjoy it as Seattle is a great city and its a great stadium. 

Hey Ethan! I have lived in Seattle for 8 years now. Yes, there is good buses, light rail, taxi's, etc. However, if you want to see the city and do other things, I would recommend a rental car for this trip. 

For a pre-game meal, you gotta check out Pyramid Brewery. Its right across the street from Safeco. Check out our Chaser Guide for further options. 

Anything else you are looking to do, eat, experience?

Our trips basically involve a lot of adult beverages with a baseball game mixed into the fray.  As far as "seeing" the city, it is not high on the agenda.  If it happens. it happens;  Also, we always stay within the city we are staying (we do not rent a car). 


But any suggestions of "must-sees" are welcomed!


Thanks to all for your input in advance!

haha...gotcha! Okay, let me gather a list together and message you privately.
Awesome! Thanks
seattle is a great place for a baseball game!  the stadium is an easy walk from most downtown hotels and there are tonnes of bars within 5min walk.  As Craig mentioned- Pyramid brewery is one of the best.  most of the cities attractions are pretty accessible by walking or pulblic transit, have fun!



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