Heading back to Atlanta this summer with the family.  It'll be ballpark #14 for most of us, and #5 for the baby.   I know we're just starting the season in the new digs, but can any Chasers provide tips on SunTrust Park?  Any thoughts on seats, concessions, etc?  How did the team do at capturing 'history'?  How is parking in the area?  How family/kid friendly is the park?  Is the traffic as awful as I'm imagining, based on previous Atlanta experience?  Any other thoughts/observations?


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I just went to a game there on Saturday. Parking situation is awful made worse by the lack of access by train. I walked six blocks uphill with prepaid parking in E31. Concession wait times and pace of work by those working there was awful. Plan on missing at least a full inning in line if you opt to eat during the game. Eat as soon as you get to the stadium or beforehand. The 300 level concourse is way narrow. Leaving, much of the crowd is hourglassed through 20' wide pedestrian walkways. There were some bright lights, but for a brand new stadium, it disappoints.    



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