It's time to get back to chasing. I just graduated school today and I am starting a job on the 16th... so one of the best ways I could think of to celebrate is to hit the road to see some ballparks next week.

I'll be in Boston first, followed by NYC, then finally Baltimore. I'm planning to go to games at Fenway Monday and Tuesday night, Yankee Stadium probably Thursday night, and then Camden on Friday night (when my Tigers will be in town, hopefully playing a lot better than they did this week against the Indians). I'm excited about all of them but let's be real, I am the most pumped about Fenway. It is about time I see it. If anyone has recommendations on seats to get or to avoid (with the obstructed views), let me know, as I will be buying tickets in the next couple of days. Also if anyone is going to be at any of these games and wants to meet up let me know!

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