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Im planning a baseball holiday in July 2012 on the East, with NY as the central spot. I'm ecstatic that the Blue Jays will be in Yankee Stadium then as they're my team!


My question:  How much changed from the tentative 2011 schedule to what actually played out this year?  In other words, has it been fairly safe to book hotels and flights based on a tentative schedule? 


Ta very much for any help!



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I have never seen these schedules change except for the game times...
That actually is a lot of help - so it'd be safe to say the Yankees will host the Blue Jays 16-18 July in 2012, but whether they're arvo or evening games is still to be decided?
Yeah, I agree with Tim. It's safe to start planning now. With that being said, I wouldn't start booking airfare, hotels, rental cars, etc until next year. I usually start tracking those rates 4 months prior to my trip as prices are more expensive when booking too far in advance.
No worries, ta for the help fellas!  Planning is well underway, looking forward to taking in a few yankees-blue jays, red sox, and maybe nationals games - bring on 2012!
As long as you are in NY it is very easy to take a bus or train to get down to Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, and these are all baseball parks that you should see - touch 'em all!



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