I just created a Texas Rangers group if any fans would like to join. Where are all the Texas Rangers fans?

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I will be going to a Rangers game on July 25. Should be my 23rd current park. Please let me know if you would like to meet up.

Hi, Mike! Unfortunately I will be on vacation that week or I would meet you there. Impressive park count! I'm sure you will enjoy Globe Life. Let me know if you want any tips on anything.

Sorry we will not be able to meet up. Enjoy your vacation. I hope you are getting in a ballpark or 2. I was told the best place to sit at a Rangers game is first bas, up high due to the heat. Can you confirm that? Is Stubhub/Ticket Monster, etc. the best place for me to try and get tickets? I think a friend of mine from Denton, and his wife, will join me for the game.

Unfortunately, this trip will only be a High A ballpark trip for me. Next year I will make it to quite a few though. First base side at Globe Life is the shady side so yes, that is always the right choice especially in the summer. Up high will get you a breeze that the lower seats will not have which makes it really nice along with the great view. Lexus Club or Lexus Terrace Level are my favorite seats on the 1st base side. I use Stub Hub a lot but check the Rangers website for deals too. Brisket tacos in CF are good, anything brisket is good, really. Garlic fries at HP and the Ranger Tater (w/brisket) at Sweet Baby Ray's just around HP to 1st base side are my personal favs. Don't forget to get bacon on a stick! Should be a fun time for all. Enjoy!



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