Hey folks,

My wife and I are planning our first trip to Globe Life Park (MLB stadium #29!). We are staying in Arlington about 5 minutes away from the park. I have a few questions for those that are familiar with the park:

-Is it better to Uber or to drive and park? Is there much cheap parking near the ballpark or are the lots closer to park very pricey? Is traffic awful getting there? (Trying to avoid making my wife walk too much as we enjoy wondering around the park during game)

-What are the best places to eat near the park? Not looking for fast food but something tasty that will allows to eat in a decent time frame and get on our way to the ballpark.

-Is the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame museum open before and during games?

-What other inside ballpark features do we need to check out?

-We are in town on Sunday and planning to see the Sixth Floor Museum. Any recommendations for must see local attractions and Texas cuisine.

Thanks in advance,

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Hey there, I currently live right down the street from the stadium over the freeway so I'll try to help you out as best as i can.
-as far as parking i'm not really sure cause i usually walk. If you're only 5 minutes away you might be better off using uber, or walking if its not too hot out.
-for food, There is a place i like to go to across the freeway (I-30) called BFF it's an asian fusion type of place if you're into that. They also have ALOT of different types of beers if you like beer.
-I'm pretty sure the museum will be open before the game, i've never been in there.
-The restaurant inside the park is nice, they do pregame shows from it I had a chance to see Pudge Rodriguez while he was there filming a pregame show.
-and as far as attractions the 6th floor museum is in Dallas about 20-25 minutes away i would say from the stadium but it's an interesting museum to go to. Theres also six flags real close and a water park if you're into that as well and I know AT&T Stadium does tours it's right down the street from Globe Life.

I hope i was able to help I'm not a native Texas so I'm pretty sure I might've missed some things but I hope you have a good time here, I'm not a Ranger fan but i enjoy their games whenever i can get to them

Hi, Oliver,
Ranger fan here.
Parking has gone up to $17 for premier games but is usually $15. Plenty of lots to choose from with mild traffic to the game. Valet is $40 if you don't want to worry about it. Many restaurants around the park offer shuttles to and from for $8 and up. Worth it. Leaving by car after the game is a nightmare so hang out at the ballpark as long as you can if you drive. About 45 minutes to an hour later the traffic will be all but gone and you won't have wasted time getting annoyed while sitting in your car not moving with 40,000 other drivers.
There are lots of typical chain restaurants close to the ballpark. Babe's Chicken is a treat if you haven't had that before. Inside the park I highly recommend the donuts and chicken on a skewer and the bacon on a stick. The Captain Morgan's Club is where everyone goes before the games where you can watch the televised pregame show. Go to CF near the Nolan Ryan statue after the game and wait for Knoxie to do his post game show and you might get on tv!
The Sixth Floor Museum is very well done. If you have time for the Perot Museum (fairly close) I would suggest that as well. The original El Fenix restaurant is next to the Perot but in Texas we love our steak and BBQ so I would also suggest Pecan Lodge, Twisted Root, or Rodeo Goat.
Have so much fun!

Season ticket here for over 20 years. Just south of the ballpark they have reopened the Candlelight Inn. This place has been there forever and not that good, but now have new owners and if you want authentic Mexican food (and a variety of other options).
The parking lots will have plenty of parking, although, if you want to eat before the game, you can go to Boomer Jacks and they will shuttle you to the game.
While in town, go to Ft. Worth instead of Dallas and head to the stockyards, or go to the Ft. Worth Zoo, which is better than the one in Dallas.
If you do want to hit a museum in Dallas, go to the Perot. Just allow for a lot of time as there's much to see there.
While in the ballpark, down the right field line is a State Fair concessions, where you can try some interesting desserts, and corny dogs. Enjoy



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