This is the title of the year my boy and I completed the all MLB park Tour.
This year is also based off of the Amazing Race approach 9 Ball Parks in 9/10 Days!
6-19 starts in Seattle, 6-20 KC, 6-21 Chicago Sox, 6-22 Twins, 6-23 Brewers...on the 24th we will stop in Lincoln Nebraska to see Nephew/Cousin who plays for the AA Saltdogs. 6-26 Detroit, 6-27 Oakland A's,and 6-28 SF Giants! Can't Wait!

One amazing spin is that even though we are huge RedSox fans we go to each park as their die hard is a great way to dive right into the local culture of each team/ballpark.

Ron and Matt Young!!

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Nice...!! Last year I finished my ballpark tour... Congrats on finishing this year... Your post drew my attention because I will also be at the A's game and the Giants game on those same days... Maybe we link up... Always enjoy meeting another BP chaser...!



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