My wife and I went to all 30 MLB ballparks in the 2017 season.  Between games we went to Baseball Hall of Fame, Field of Dreams and watched Florida win the College World Series in Omaha.

Started the season off on Opening day at Tampa Bay Rays and ended the season on the last game of the year at Tampa Bay Rays.

In between we went to the other 29 ballparks.  The 9 east coast ballparks on a bus tour with Bob's Baseball Tours. It was a wonderful trip within a trip.  The remainder of the trip we traveled by motorcycle.

Total of 17,431 miles driven.  15,222 were on the motorcycle.  Entire trip took 134 days. Highest price ticket, Chicago Cubs, 76.00.  Lowest price ticket, Atlanta Braves, 8.50.  Average ticket cost was 30.08.

Favorite parks in to particular order.  San Francisco Giants (AT&T Park),  Pittsburgh Pirates (PNC Park), Chicago Cubs (Wrigley Field)

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I envy you and the Mrs., Gary!  PNC and Wrigley are 2 of my favorites as well.  Congrats on doing this "trip of a lifetime".

Wow that is one heck of an amazing year. Very jealous that you did it all in one year and got to see all the other sites too. Congratulations on your accomplishment

Congratulations! That's amazing and sounds like it was an awesome experience! 

Amazing journey. I liked your break down of time, miles and ticket costs. Lot's of saddle time too on your bike. For me, the two great ways to see America are driving across many states and visiting ballparks. I hope you plan for more and similar adventures. My late mother enjoyed museums. I like National Wildlife Refuges too.

I typically attend many games in a season (40-60) and I have learned to appreciate good weather for the entire 9 innings. I have been grateful for the roof in places like Minneapolis (no more now), Houston, and Milwaukee. Seeing the whole season across our nation likely had you packing the full wardrobe of a parka, rain gear, and shorts. You're like Lewis and Clark.

I am with you in tapping PNC Park as a top 3 favorite ballpark. She's a beauty and Pittsburgh is an unheralded great sports city.

That sounds amazing, Gary! What a trip! If you would like to share your pictures, you are welcome to post them on your profile page. Congratulations!



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