I just launched a website for planning out ballpark road trips and thought it might come in handy


I'm constantly looking for input as I add more features, and would love any feedback.


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Very innovative website. I really like it and look forward to using it more with my next baseball trip!
Thanks for sharing your site with us, Mike. I look forward to spending more time on it. I think this can be a great tool for Ballpark Chasers. How complete are you guys? Have you come across http://www.baseball-roadtrip.com/index.php ?
I came across Baseball-Roadtrip while looking for URLs for BaseballTripPlanner and was impressed with their search functionality. I'm hoping add some value with a (buzzword alert) Web 2.0 user experience.

I've just about completed a visual overhaul of the site that will make it a bit more intuitive. I'll be sure to post when it's finished and look forward to your helpful comments. Hopefully it will still be of some use this season to our fellow Ballpark Chasers!
It looks great! Thank you.

One improvement idea would be the ability to do same day double headers in different parks (i.e. Cubs/White Sox)
Thanks for the input, Mike. I'll also look into adding a tool that helps you find those double-headers; they come in handy when you're trying to hit all 30 parks in 30 days

I hope you're able to use BaseballTripPlanner for your big trip next year
If anyone ever needs any double header info for 2011 season I made a master sked of the entire season and can email it to you(it is in a Word Doc.) I will do this every year from now onwards. In my planning for the world record trips in 2008&09. I pretty much went over all possible scenarios for 2 games in one day for any city-city.
Chuck Booth.. Please share with me personally how you were able to reach all 30 MLB stadiums in the one season (much more 24 days). I am a school teacher and could do this every summer, but with the finances of a wife and 2 kids I cannot. (My wonderful wife would let me it is just a matter of money getting to the places).. In the summer of 2012, I want to at least hit the Baltimore/Washington DC area next year, how is it going to be possible? I know the schedule has not been released yet, but what are the tips? Spare some extra money (ha) or share ways/things I could do that I could increase my budget while off teaching. I love baseball! And- would love to meet you possibly next year just to sit and chat with you about the experience of all MLB stadiums, personally one-on-one. I have ordered your book and interested in doing this. Talk later buddy.
Baseball Trip Planner is back this year.

Some new features to check out:You can now enter a custom starting point for your trip and select multiple games in a day. Hope it can help out with the 2010 Ballpark Chase!
awesome! look forward to trying it out when the 2012 schedule comes out.
Joe Nadon! It is great to hear from you man and see your post. Dude, my name is Williams (Bartley) and I am just getting started celebrating visiting MLB ballparks in a way where I can at least see 2/year based on my family schedule (because I have to #1 give my wife credit for letting me do this with 2 kids). There is no one around here more committed than I am at venturing across this great country (car, plane, etc.) and seeing all 30 stadiums! I am looking forward to the 2012 schedule coming out as well so I can plan my summer! From August-May is nothing but business (family and work) for me and where I spend 100% of my concentration. But, however- June & July I can play! Sure- my playing may be a little expensive, but it is worth it to at least grab some peanuts & cracker jacks at a visiting stadium and watch your home team play baseball. Feeling I cannot describe! I have visited 9 stadiums throughout my life, but I am honestly only counting this year as my first (Colorado). I have been to Atlanta (home town) at least 10 times in 10 years and got tired of watching my home team in the home town. So I decided I want to live a little! .... Joe I am very excited about the schedule coming out to plan for next year. It is great to see you have the same aspirations. So- where are you from? How long have you been a MLB fan? When did you begin your chasing the MLB stadiums?
i live in the pacific northwest (vancouver, bc) and have been a Jays fan since i was young. Me and my wife usually plan weekend get-aways around the mlb schedule and we've been to 8 parks so far. Safeco in Seattle is my "hometown" field, and is a great park to visit if you've never been. In 2012 we are planning a california trip to see the Padres and Dodgers, should be a blast. its gonna take a while to hit every stadium... but i'll get 'er done!
Very nice, very nice!! I have been to the Seattle area one time. I enjoyed it so much the first game, I had to watch A-Rod, Junior & Buhner again! (2 games in 4 days!) What an enjoyable time! Maybe that is what has inspired me (with other events) to follow BaseballChasers.com!



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