Looking to take a weekend trip to Target Field from Massachusetts.

Planning on the weekend of April 16-18.

Is this a good time to travel to Minnesota or should I avoid it at all costs?

Thank You

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April might be a tad early to travel to Minneapolis, they could still get snow then. If you haven't been to Target Field, you are going to love it. It is 10 times better in every way than the Metrodome, except for the fact that you can get rained or snowed out now. I live 7 1/2 hours north of the Twin Cities and the possibility of getting rained/snowed out is a real pain. Whenever you do get there, you'll have a great time.

Just be prepared for potentially cold weather. You're from MA? You'll be fine.

There are great seats behind home plate in the $50 range that have an indoor lounge. They're called the Delta Sky360 Legends Club sections A-R.

Be sure to check out First Avenue right across the street from Target field.

I'm travelling to Target Field from NH this year, but I am waiting until June.

Crossing my fingers for our trip this year as we are flying into Min on April 29 for a Twins game, then driving to Milwaukee on Saturday for a Brewers game and then to Chicago on Sunday for a Cubs game. I have friends in Madison that said the weather should be good by late April. We will see! Have fun on your trip! And if you go before me to Target, send some tips!



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