I have two trips locked down and planned out thanks to Baseball-RoadTrip.com. My first one is in April with the itinerary of Astros (April 8), Rays (April 9), Marlins (April 11) and Braves (Home Opener April 14). I'm going to sneak in an Orlando Magic and a Miami Heat game that week as well. The second trip is in May and I am going to see the Orioles (May 21), Nationals (May 23), Phillies (May 24), Mets (May 25) and Yankees (May 26). After that I will have to make a couple of weekend trips to catch the White Sox, Royals, Pirates and Reds in order to finish up. In Atlanta I booked a Doubletree which is right across or in the parking lot area of the new SunTrust Park. Looking for any tips on others accommodations within walking distance of the other parks in order to save on parking.


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Hey Kevin, a few buddies and I are doing a similar trip to your May trip.  We're hitting the Pirates (May 19/20), Orioles (May 21), Phillies (May 22), Nationals (May 23), Mets (May 24), Red Sox (May 25) and finishing off with the Yankees (May 26).  I will be done all cities that have teams after this trip, but will have to go back to Atlanta to see the new park.  It looks like there are walking distance hotels for all parks except for the Nationals, if you don't have a hard budget.

I did Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Cleveland and both Chicagos a couple of years ago.  Not sure if you are driving, but the the drive between Pittsburgh and Cincy is quite a nice drive and not that long.

Have a great Summer of watching baseball Kevin!!!

Hey Dustin, thanks for the reply. If I remember in May I will drop you a line and perhaps we can meet up for a few minutes at the Orioles game. I don't have a hard budget at all and will revisit some of the hotels I have prebooked. My Wife tolerates the trips as long as I take her around the city to see the sights so I am going to take her to the monuments in Washington, see the Bell and Independence Hall in Philly and then do the stuff we missed last time we were in NYC. Thanks for the Pittsburgh / Cincy tip. I will drive between the two after flying in. I missed doing the White Sox this summer thanks to Delta airlines but plan on doing a Kansas City/White Sox weekend in either June or July.

Hey Kevin,

I've taken the subway to the Nationals games, and it's pretty easy and drops you off basically in front of the stadium. 

I've always taken the subway to Yankee and Citi (and Shea), so I can't really recommend hotels near the parks, but I personally think the subway is easier to get around and you don't have to deal with post game traffic. Not to mention, there's not a whole lot of sight seeing to do around Yankee or Citi. I would just recommend staying else where and taking the train.

Thanks Tova. Where did you take the subway from in Washington?

We've been to Nationals park a couple of times. I believe we've taken the subway from Farragut and from Union Station. I believe both times we transferred to the Green line and got off at the Navy Yard. But I believe the blue, silver and orange lines also stop nearby. 

Just remember to scan your metro card when you LEAVE the station in addition to the usual scan when you enter. We learned that that hard way. However, there are also station attendants standing by to help you. 

I did a similar trip to your May trip a couple of years ago. You shouldn’t have a hard time with a hotel for the Marlins. You take the train and subway to the game, although you need a shuttle from the subway.


There are many hotels within walking distance of Camden Yards, PNC Park, and Great American Ball Park. Citizens Bank, Citi Field, Yankee, US Cellular, and Nationals Park are all right by subway stops. Sadly, there’s no good way to get to Kauffman Stadium except by car.



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