We'll be in Minneapolis next month for a game, and staying in the downtown area. Any suggestions for things to do nearby or places to eat? I think we have reservations at the Hell's Kitchen, but looking for other ideas.
We will not have a car, so looking to stay in downtown area only.

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I wish that I had more specific suggestions, but there a number of statues erected around Target Field that you should check out like Carew, Killebrew and Puckett.

This map will show you the locations of the statues if you zoom to Target Field and click on the markers. My boys especially liked sitting in the giant bronze baseball glove.

Also, I remember we just happened upon a statue of Mary Tyler Moore in the Nicollet mall so that was cool.

Mall of America is good for a few hours.

Psycho Suzies from Diners Drive ins and Dives.

Did Hell's Kitchen. Had the ricotta pancakes. Pretty good. Try the fresh housemate peanut butter.

Pizza Luce is a great place. It;s near Target Center.

you could take the light rail to the Mall of America

Just back from the trip to Minnesota and had a great time.We did the full tour before the game for $40 and I don't think I'd recommend it. They have a cheaper tour that I'm sure is every bit as good. Seats were great behind home plate and friendly staff. Compared to most ballparks, everything seemed a bit cheaper. Food definitely was cheaper and I'd recommend the fresh made donuts in center field. 

As for hotels, we stayed at the W which was a 15 minute walk to the ballpark. Beautiful room, but the hotel was designed for a much younger crowd. 

We didn't bother to rent a car and found the rail system to be great. Took the train from the airport to our hotel, then the next day in the opposite direction to the Mall of America, which if you're in town, I guess it's a requirement you go there. It really is something to behold. 

For breakfast, we went to the Hell's Kitchen which was round the corner from our hotel. I would definitely suggest reservations in advance as the wait was about 2 hours. Fortunately we had made reservations, but this was just for breakfast! It was worth it though, all the food was great. If you go, try the porridge. We tried a little of several things and none were disappointing. 

Anyway, great place to go for a short ballpark trip and it's a truly beautiful park. I'd rate it currently in my top 5. 



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