I will be seeing a game at Marlins Park on Wednesday August 15, Phillies vs. Marlins, a day game starting at 12:40.  This is going to be another one-day jaunt from New Jersey (in the tradition of recent quickie trips to Minneapolis and Tokyo).  I'll be in the second row of the upper deck, right behind home plate.  Section 314, Row 2, Seat 10.  If anyone plans to be there that day, come look me up and I'll buy you a free beer or a hot dog!

Planning to take Miami-Dade D.O.T. regular street bus from the airport to within a block or so of the ballpark.

Sure hope they close the roof, or it'll be a steam bath!

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hey Michael, i had tickets to this game but just gave them up because it was a day game.  The Marlins have decided to close the roof for the remainder of the season so no worries about the heat.  Also, you may be seeing their AAA team by the time you get here as this years fire sale has already started. 


Since its a day game you may want to check out the Clevelander behind the left field fence.  Even without a ticket you can get in for $10 day of game.  There is an escalator down the 3rd base line that will take you to the Clevelander.  If the game is boring you can check out the painted girls and have a few beers.  Its definately a different way to watch a game.

I've never ridden the bus in Miami, but you should be able to get to the stadium without the street bus. and via the Metrorail instead. They are opening the new station at the Miami Airport on July 28th. You can then take the metrorail all the way to the stadium. Well, to within a mile of the stadium. And they have a free shuttle running from the station to the ballpark from 90 minutes before the game to an hour after. Or you can just walk the half mile or so. Or you can take the Tri-Rail from the airport to the Metrorail transfer and then switch to the metrorail there.

Where are you flying from? I live in NJ and I've seen a lot of cheap deals through Atlantic City to Ft Lauderdale and have been considering making the trip. The last half of the month is alot cheaper, but the Marlins aren't home.

I'm flying out of Newark, using frequent-flier miles, so the whole trip will cost about $70.

if you do make that trip, the Tri-Rail has a shuttle from the Ft Laud Airport to the closest train station and then you can take the train all the way to the Park. You'll have to switch from Tri-Rail to Metrorail, and then from Metrorail to the free shuttle to the Park for the last half mile, but there won't be any need to rent a car or pay for parking or anything if you fly into Ft Lauderdale.

Thanks for the tips re: transportation.  I am flying into Miami and will be pleased to use the new Metrorail connection and the shuttle.  Will report on how it goes.

The roof will be closed. It is closed most days.  Was at the game yesterday(7/29) and it was 90+ outside but ok inside.  The upper decks like where your seat is will be a bit warmer than those on the 100 level.



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