Planning a trip to US Cellular, Miller Park and Wrigley in first week of August, any tips on what tickets to get or avoid? Also, is it reasonable to get from afternoon at US Cellular to night game at Miller Park on 5th and from afternoon at Miller to night game at Wrigley on 6th? Any advice on this or hotels and parking would be greatly appreciated.

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It is reasonable if things break right. You'll need to go by car. Leave right after the day game and drive. It'd take you less than 2 hours if there were no traffic but that won't be the case. You'll be in rush hour traffic and you might not get there in time. I got to the Brewers late driving from Chicago because of this.

I found the most affordable hotels were by O'Hare.

Maybe I better not try 2 in a day. I don't want to miss out on getting to Wrigley by doing the day game at Miller Park. Thanks.

We attended a game at US Cellular Field in Chicago in June 2013. We parked in the city to explore for the day and then took the red line CTA to the ballpark for a night game. It dropped us within blocks of Cellular Field.

We were in the upper deck (500 level) for the game. While these are the most affordable seats in the house, we were restricted to only the upper deck and could not access the lower concourse at all. I believe this is still the case, so make sure to check it out before you purchase tickets if you want to wander on the lower level and be closer to the action on the field. In addition, upper deck seating is sloped quite steeply. If you have a fear of heights it is not the place for you.

Have fun!

Thanks. Is there much around US Cellular? Is it worth going there early?

Chicago is one of my favorite cities, so in my humble opinion any extra time you can spend there is worth it. That being said, though, the top Windy City offerings (parks, museums, theater, shopping, etc.) are not located near the ballpark.

From my experience, not much around US Cellular. Area is a little more questionable than up near Wrigley. Spend your pre-game time in the city if you are able, and hop on the red line closer to game time.

We did this trip last year and also included driving to Minneapolis. Traffic can be horrible after the games in Chicago. If it says its a 2 hour drive, expect 3 at least. There was also quite a bit of road construction up there last summer. If you want to try the double header I would probably leave the early game in the 8th inning to avoid traffic. Then it would probably be doable.

When we go to numerous parks I usually buy great seats for the game I'm most excited about, medium seats for another, and nose bleeds. So at white sox vs Astros last year we sat Section 533 above home. Family of 4 sat here for under $40,and the seats weren't bad. Cubs we sat Section 209 I found seats for $38 each online, they sell for $70ish from the Cubs, and the same thing happened at Milwaukee...found great seats 8 rows behind home plate for $50 a ticket, instead of $85. I usually look on, they are great about pointing out what seats are a great deal for the buyer. There's plenty to do in Chicago, Millenium Park, anyone of the beaches (We went to Lincoln because it's by the free zoo), or shopping. If you have kids going or even if you don't, an interesting place to eat is the "Safe House Restaurant" in Milwaukee. You won't regret it. It's truly a one of kind eating experience and good food. :)

Thanks for the info, I'm taking 16yr old son, daughters boyfriend and my nephew, both 25. I have our Cub tickets for the Thurs night so far. We are going to do the White Sox Tues and Brewers on Wed. Thanks to the warnings, I'm not going to attempt 2 games in a day. I like to be early and check out the park and area when its possible.
After a couple weeks of checking tickets out on Seatgeek, it appears they don't extend their services to us Canadians. Stub hub and Vivid Seats are pretty expensive to use, I've already spent $380 CAN(we're taking a beating on the exchange) for the Cubs on Aug 6. Any other ideas on where or how to find seats?

Cubs are always a high market, no matter what exchange rate or what day you go. I hate those high market teams. Brewers and White sox are not nearly as bad. Can you buy directly from the team websites? White sox tickets above home sections 537-527 would all be decent seats for $23ish a person. I've sat there. It's not near as bad as you think. $42 at a brewers game from the brewers website gets you Lodge seating Section 220's behind home. Those would be great seats. I'm not sure what your price range is but if the secondary markets are blocked to Canadians this is probably your best bet unfortunately!

The hotel within walking distance of Brewers is Best Western Woods inn.....they know that and make you book 2 nights minimum. I've stayed there. It's pretty much a dump compared to the holiday inn expresses and Hiltons we usually stay at. The gym was the only nice thing about the place. They offered me 20% off to come back because I made an honest review. I told them to keep it. I'd never stay there again. I'd rather stay 5 miles away and pay for a taxi. We didn't stay in downtown Chicago because it's so expensive. We stayed about 20 miles north and saved hundreds. Of course 20 miles will take an hour to drive before and after games.

I would like to stay close enough to take taxi at least, so I can have a few drinks at the games. Appreciate the tips. I will check those sections out.

Hi Brad, I would recommend that you attempt to find a couple of days where the Cubs and White Sox are in town together. If not, then you may have to go to one game in Chicago, leave for Milwaukee then return to Chicago to finish up the trip.

You will not be able to do a day game in Chicago and then a night game in Milwaukee because it is at least a 2 hour drive between stadiums. And who wants to feel rushed going to a couple of games.

Regarding the parking situation in Chicago, I would recommend finding a lot and taking the Red Line subway to and from both Wrigley and US Cellular. Tickets for the subway is around $2-3 a trip. I hope this helps. Good Luck.



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