I first entered the hallowed ballpark at the Corner in 1967, although I don't remember it. I was just 7 yrs. old, and my Uncle took me there, as he would every single year until 1974.

The first time I can vividly see myself at Tiger Stadium was in 1969. The Tigers were the defending World Series Champions, and they still had the same great players, including my boyhood hero, catcher Bill Freehan.

Denny McClain shut out the White Sox, 8-0, as I had the time of my life. I remember that Freehan didn't play because of a bad back, something that would continue to plaque him the rest of his career with the Tigers, and I was very sad that I couldn't watch him play.

We got 1969 Tigers Yearbooks, which celebrated the '68 Champs. I still have that same Yearbook today.

Tell me about your first memories of Tiger Stadium, how old were you, what was the day like?

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