Hey everyone.  I'm new to BallPark Chasers.  I'm pretty excited about my upcoming trip in June.  My son is graduating from high school and as a graduation present I'm going to be taking him on a trip to see a game in San Fran., Oakland, LA Dodgers, Angels, San Diego, and Phoenix.  Can't wait to get going.  I would appreciate any tips for any of those places.    

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For San Diego, I agree with the Midway and it will be around 4 hours.  An alternate choice would be Cabrillo Monument in Point Loma (not far from downtown).  Its a great viewpoint above the city.

I am also going on this same trip and leaving out of DFW on Sunday 6/15 as well. I'm going to every game that you are minus the Diamondbacks game on Saturday plus we're going to an additional game on Tuesday in Oakland and Saturday in LA. So basically the same itinerary that you have.  Overall, I'll get to see the Rangers play a total of four games in one week. Not a bad trip to see my favorite team play on the road! Enjoy the Bay Area! I went two years ago and am looking forward to going back and also I can't wait to get back to LA. It's been nine years since I went and I don't really remember much as I was 13 at the time. I was just starting ballpark chasing at the time at a young age and really never thought by this point in my life I could say I've been to all 30 ballparks! Enjoy the trip and maybe we'll cross paths at some point. 

Very cool!  We're Rangers fans too.  We entertained the idea of adding the game on Tuesday (against the Rangers) but we decided to drive on to LA that day and see some of the sites.  It was awesome when I sat down to plan this trip and realized that all these games just happened to fit so nicely into a 10 day trip.  The scheduling could not have been better. 

It sounds like there is much fun to be had in June.  We will see the Rangers once, in Anaheim, but will see the Red Sox twice, once in Oakland and then again in Seattle.  I am a Rangers fan but I am more of a Giants fan since I grew up in the Bay Area.  We are looking forward to a wonderful time.

We are in the middle of doing a similar trip at the moment, One tip I can give you that we lucked into, We flew from Phoenix to Las Vegas (Just to see the canyon, so worth it!) then hired a car from Vegas to San Francisco. Dollar Rent a car have a deal as they need more convertibles over in San Francisco, so you can rent a Mustang convertible for $1 a day. We drove from Vegas through Death Valley then up to Mammoth Lakes for the night. Left there went through Yosemite on 120 (add 2 hours min for a drive down to the valley as well). then onto San Francisco. Amazing drive, we had 95 weather in the desert then 2 hours later were driving through a sleet storm @ 33oF in the mountains, and the views were beautiful. 

So we just returned from this trip.  So awesome!  The highlight of the trip was Kershaw's no-hitter!  What are the chances that we would be at this game?!  We enjoyed all 6 ballparks.  We also did a lot of other things while we were in these cities.  We saw the Grand Canyon, the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf in San Fran, Muir Woods in San Fran, drove the Pacific Coast Highway between San Fran and LA.  The whole trip was so much fun.  Thanks for all the great advice.

Sounds like a great trip! Glad you enjoyed it.  Awesome seeing Kershaw's masterpiece.  I was at Curt Schilling's 1 hitter in Oakland.  Damn you Shannon Stewart! 2 outs in the 9th inning and he got a base hit.



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