Hello all,

Hope your summer was as fun as mine. My granddaughter and I did our 8,000 mile baseball and family reunion road trip. Boy, did we have some fun. I do believe the highlight was Kershaw's no hitter. As I am NOT a Dodger fan it was a little difficult, but, boy is he good. Each stadium has it's own uniqueness. The one stadium we were not very impressed with was Angel stadium. People were friendly enough, but you just can't see the ballgame from anywhere other than the seats. Dodger stadium has nice scenery, but the workers we encountered were very unfriendly. People commented on this all night. My brother brought tickets for us at Chase Field right behind homeplate. Boy, was my granddaughter excited!! Petco was good. We ended up parking at Qualcomm, took the train in and had a wonderful time in San Diego. The statue of Tony Gwynn is very nice. It was sad to see all of the beautiful flowers there, but.... We made it up to Oakland and had a wonderful time. Those fans are fun. We took a field picture and one of the fans put a flag in the background for one of the pictures. Oakland beat Boston, but not until the end. What can I say about San Francisco other than I LOVE it. We truly had a great time. The fans, the workers, and park are fantastic. The only thing was the Giants lost. Bummer!! They are back now though. We were not all that impressed with Denver. I thought we would be able to see the Mountains, but no. Oh well.
Thank you to all who helped calm my nerves about San Diego. I still do not know what my problem was.
Next summer we are hoping to hit St. Louis, Field of Dreams in Iowa, Minnesota, a couple of games of the College World Series, and then onto Kansas City. Here's to the Cardinals and the Twins cooperating. lol
School has started and June seems like a distant memory.
Thanks again for all of your help. I enjoy reading posts of all the travels.
Enjoy the winter. GO GIANTS!!!

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