I want to do a baseball trip in late April or early May. Any feedback on which itinerary would be best would be appreciated. I have not traveled much in the Midwest, so most of it will be new territory for me.

Itinerary 1:

Fly to Baltimore for game
Day off to go to Gettysburg
Pittsburgh for Pirates game
Day off-- Rock and Roll hall of fame
Cleveland for Indians game
Detroit for Tigers game
Day off
Cincinnati Reds game
2 days off-- back to Baltimore and fly home

Itinerary 2:

Fly to St. Louis for Cards game
5 days off in Memphis, Shiloh, TN, Lousville, KY
Cincinnati for Reds game
2days to drive back to St. Louis via Springfield, IL and Hannibal, MO
Fly home from St Louis.

Both trips are about 1300 miles. Which one would be the most interesting and fun route in May?

Thanks for any feedback on this. Cheers!

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Both trips sound great but I would go for #1 since you would get to see more ballparks!

I vote plan #1 too! More baseball and the Rock n Roll hall of fame is pretty cool.

I would go with Itinerary #1. Not just more ballparks, but one of them is PNC and that is a huge must-see. Also the R&R Hall is worth seeing.

I would agree with the other responses , trip 1. Any time you have an opportunity to see both Camden Yards and PNC, hard to pass up. If you do decide to do trip 2, make sure you go to the Louisville Slugger museum. It's amazing. And if you are a car lover, stop in Bowling Green Kentucky on your way and experience the National Corvette Museum. You won't regret it. Happy travelling!

Have you decided on a trip yet jeff? My vote is #1. Something to consider is weather. April/May trips are risky tends to be the consensus from Chasers on this website.

Itinerary 1 sounds awesome. I think PNC is the best active park right now. [Just my opinion, subject to change without notice.] If you are flying in and out of BWI you could consider adding Nationals Park to the agenda.

Thanks for everyone's feedback. This website is extremely helpful!

I looked at all the options (including the weather during the spring months) and did some price comparisons. I also considered that several of these cities are places I've never been. Since my travel through the Midwest is pretty limited, I'm pretty much set on this itinerary:

5/12---Fly to Detroit. Should get there in time to see Twins vs. Tigers.
5/13--I saw a tour company that gives city tours of Detroit. Having never been there, I'm probably going to take it. Second Twins and Tigers game later that evening.
5/14---Henry Ford Museum---Dearborn
5/15-- Day off, drive to Cincinnati.
5/16--Reds vs. Giants in the evening. Hoping for a stadium tour in the morning.
5/17---Reds vs. Giants
5/18---Day off---drive to Pittsburgh. May try to see the aviation museum in Dayton along the way.
5/19--Twins v. Pirates
5/20--Twins v. Pirates
5/21--Cleveland---Rock and Roll HOF
5/22--Reds v. Indians
5/23--Drive back to Detroit for an early evening flight home.

I was hoping to go down to Louisville for the Louisville Slugger tour, but that would add about 6 more hours (RT) to my itinerary.

Any feedback on this would be appreciated. Cheers!

Jeff, sounds like a great itinerary. Definitely try and see the USAF Aviation Museum in Dayton, if time permits. I was there this past summer and was blown away by it. It is very similar to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Virginia. Worth the visit for sure. Also the Henry Ford Museum is great as well.Enjoy!



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