World Baseball Classic 2013 schedule has been announced.

Main tournament will take place in March 2013

However, 4 qualifying rounds will take place this fall in:

Qualifier 1: Jupiter, Florida - Roger Dean Stadium - On Sale Aug 13, 2012

Qualifier 2: Regensburg, Germany - Armin-Wolf Baseball Arena - On Sale Now

Qualifier 3: Panama City, Panama - Rod Carew National Stadium - On Sale TBD

Qualifier 4: New Taipei City, Taiwan - Xinzhuang Stadium - On Sale TBD


First Round Games area going to be round robin format at 4 sites and so far, one site is confirmed as being Phoenix, Arizona in March, 2013. The other three sites are still TBD.


Second Round Games are being held in double elimination format at two sites. One TBD and the other is Miami, Florida.


Championship Round, single elimination. Will be held at AT&T Park in San Fran.


Full sechdule as well as ticket options can be found here:



Gonna try and make the games in Miami and Jupiter.

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found out last night that tickets to the qualifiers in Jupiter, Florida are $10 a ticket, first come first serve on seating selection or $48 for a 6 game "string." I guess they're calling them String Tickets instead of Season Tickets.


Found out that the world baseball classic site will be streaming all the games online and that MLB tv will be showing the final games from each qualifying group.

Group 1's first game is tonight in Florida, at 7pm Eastern. South Africa vs Israel.
Group 2's first game is tomorrow in Germany, starting at 1pm eastern. Canada vs England

Made it to Games 1 and 2 yesterday in Miami.

It was a totally different feel than I've ever experiences at a major league game. There was more excitement and energy in the crowds for both the games yesterday than there was in the World Series games I've been to.

In the first game, I was way up in the nose bleed seats in the Homerun Balcony at Marlins Park. Italy jumped out to a 4-0 lead in the first, but from watching the fans of the Dominican Republic you wouldn't have known it. The outfield area for this game was fairly empty, so we ended up leaving our seats and walking to the area behind home plate and standing along the railing just to be in the crowd. Cano crushed a homerun and the place went nuts. It was amazing.

Then for the night game we decided to upgrade our tickets and got seats in row 2 behind home plate. (Ended up being row 10 if you included the club/box seats.)
It was unreal sitting down there. Everyone had flags and face paint on and was yelling and chanting and screaming. But it was a completly friendly atmosphere as well. I've been at games where it got ugly with the crowd turning mean towards each other. In both the games it was a friendly crowd. It was more of a "I'm going to cheer louder than you!" type of rivalry instead of a hate filled one.
I'm unsure if it was because it was an International event or it it was because the players on the teams were all different that the fans normally cheered for, but it was a nice change of pace from MLB games actually.

Though, as a Marlins fan, I will have to say it was really odd to be cheering for players like David Write, Jimmy Rollins, Gio Gonzales, Ryan Braun, etc in Miami, (or at all actually).



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