I went to the World Baseball Classic in 2013 in Arizona. It was one of the best baseball experiences I've ever had. Can't wait to do Miami in 2017 and root on Team USA.

A question for all the ballpark chasers out there: I've never been to Miami, so it's a new park for me. I've done MLB games in 15 stadiums (including Arizona... I went back this summer for the D-backs). Would you count seeing a WBC game at Marlins Park as having checked off #16? Or do you think you should have to see the Marlins play there to have it count?

I know that it's my chase and ultimately up to me, but I'd love to hear how you all think about it. Does the WBC count? Or do I need to go back?

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For me, I would count it.  The way I look at visiting parks is that I went there and saw a game.  For example, if I went to the All Star Game at a ballpark that I haven't been to, I would count it as visiting the stadium even if I didn't see the "home town" play...I still went to the park and watched baseball, at least that's how I see it.  If I just visited the park and never went to a game, well I wouldn't count that...but you are right, it's all up to you and what you want to count.  Chase on brother, chase on!

Like you said it's up to you. I think it does count, you are going there, and you are seeing baseball. It's not like you are going for a concert. 

For me personally, it counts if I can put it in my "at the ballpark app." But really, it's up to you. 

For me I count a park after I see a game and it also goes in an appropriate category. Examples fenway mlb and milb. Marlins patk mlb and winter ball. Citizens mlb and college



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