My fiance and I were planning on visiting Wrigley for his birthday in May for the series against the Yankees. We've already been to Wrigley before, and it's one of our favorite parks.

Now that the Cubs have won the World Series (congrats to them and their fans by the way!!!), how hard will be to get tickets? 

Just wondering if I should book our flights and hotel now, or wait until I actually get tickets to book. 

Thanks in advance!

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The Cubs usually put single game tickets on sale in late February on a Friday.  It seems likely that demand will be heavy and, based on my experience, the games that will sell out first will be the home opener, then the Saturday games in the summer, the Friday and Sunday games in the summer, the remaining weekend games in May and September and maybe the weeknight games against the White Sox.

Seeing that the Yankees are at Wrigley Field on a Friday-Sunday, in early May, these tickets should not be as hard to get as if they were in town for a weekend series in July, so that is good news for you. Getting the Friday and Sunday tickets for the series won't be as difficult as the Saturday game but, regardless, I would not be surprised if that series sells out the day tickets go on sale.

As you know, getting tickets will not be a problem - nowadays it's really just about how much you are willing to spend.  Hopefully, you have good luck when the tickets go on sale and can get them right from the Cubs!

Thanks so much John!

We are planning on going on Sunday, May 7th. Like you said, I'm concerned about the series (especially the 7th) selling out the day they go on sale, which is why I haven't booked our flight/hotel.

I'm hoping they don't raise the prices too much from last year!

Cubs tickets were already expensive before they won the series. Of the MLB ballparks I have been to so far this was the most expensive ticket (but Oh So worth it !). Getting a ticket isn't the issue it is just a matter of how much you want to pay.  

Kevin, we've been to Wrigley before, and I agree, it is SO worth it. Definitely one of our favorite parks. I just hope it's relatively easy to get tickets to see the cubs play the yankees.

Stubhub will solve all your problems.

Also check out It's a local, near Chicago, ticket broker. They do have service fees, but I don't know the details. I know they have Cubs tickets.



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