Looking for some advice... we are hitting NY this summer for Yanks and Mets Stadium. Our situation is that right after the Yankee game we will have to go directly to Laguardia to catch a flight. We will have our carry on bags at the game but would love to be cable to check them or store them in a locker at Yankee Stadium. Do they have this type of service available???

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From what I've seen on the web, Yankee Stadium will not allow certain types of bags inside. However, I guess there's this company in the area that provides this type of service:


Please note I have NO affiliation with this company, nor have I ever used them before, so I can't vouch for their legitimacy.

Hi Dennis. Unfortunately, there is no storage option at Yankee Stadium. If you end up using Dan's suggestion below, I would love to know your feedback. I haven't come across anyone that has used this service.



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