I have a group of 4 of us including my 15 year old son that are traveling to New York for the weekend to watch the Saturday night game against Jays. Any advice on an affordable hotel? We are driving to Niagara and parking there to catch train so location to get around easily would be most important. We are there from Friday to Monday. Thanks in advance.

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I'm assuming by info in the Chaser Guide that we would best find a place in Manhatten since we are in New York for the weekend. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Brad! What is your budget per night?

I would just day that it's 4 males who need a place to sleep, not a dump but not that picky, lol. I would say location would be the deciding factor. We are Canadian so the dollar change will cost us already. We will need 3 nights. Fri, Sat and Sun.
No idea what rooms in Manhattan range from but we used to $100-$150 range per night.

How is Hilton Garden Inn on 52nd St? Seems best priced that we could find.

You can't go wrong with a Hilton Garden Inn! I stayed at the Hilton Midtown in January and loved it! Can you find anything under $200 per night?

It comes to $677 for the 3 nights.

Assuming its the Hilton Garden Inn - Manhattan / Midtown East, that is in a great location.  With addresses in NYC, make sure you include the East or West, ie East 52nd St.  This gives you the direction from 5th Ave / Broadway.  You could be many blocks off without this. 

Not far from 2 different Subway stations (use www.hopstop.com for subway info) but watch weekend track work and which lines you need.  You will need to transfer trains to get to Yankee Stadium I believe.

That's sounds like a fair price for this hotel. Plus it gives you the full NYC experience to stay in Manhattan! I would say go for it.

Thanks alot Chris and Tim. We are booked! looking forward to it, should be fun. Any other tips for the weekend are greatly appreciated. Go Jays!! (My brother in-law and nephew are Yankee fans though)

The best bet is to stay in Manhattan if you are taking the train.  Affordable and New York City do not go together.  Try one of the hotel or travel websites to find a good rate.  Times Square area is great for tourists and you can hop on the subway easily.  It is a great experience taking the subway up to the stadium.  

Awesome! Thanks Ken, appreciated! We are planning to do some touring on the Sunday. (Although I would go to all 3 games if I had my way)



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