Those of you who wish to visit the site of the Polo Grounds will be taken aback by the lack of visible memorabilia regarding the Giants. Reasons for this are (I believe) the fact that the Giants abandoned the city and left the area to the more successful Yankees. There is a marker where home plate used to be, mounted on the side of a building and the City of New York has finally agreed to renovate the John T. Brush staircase which has imbedded in it an inscription by the Giants in the mid teens as a way of remembering their late owner. Its the only physical vestige of the polo grounds era. Other than that, you won't see any statues, streets or plazas named after the greats of the past. If anyone does go there, wear a Giants shirt or cap courtesy of the Cooperstown collection. Its the only thing we have left to keep the franchise name alive.

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I hadn't heard that NYC has approved a renovation of the staircase. I think this is long overdue! Thanks for sharing...
Its not publicized and hardly anyfans even know about this. A NY Post editorial appreared earlier this year as the opening of Citi Field approached. However, I have'nt passed by the site in a while so I don't know if a work crew has started. I will make an effort to go in the next week or so and let you know.
Did you ever make it out to see what changed?
Been there several times this winter.  Nothing has changed.  Typical of New York.  Takes forever to get things done and now with the financial pressure the city is under, you can pretty much forget it happening anytime soon!
That is a bummer- thanks for the update.



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