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Ballpark chasers--A Love Story

Story of a ten-year push...

2009: Son is 10, and we decide to go for it! Two home games: Home opener in SF, and Oakland, always a good start

2010: On the road--fly to San Diego, motorcar up to Anaheim and then Dodger Stadium LA Dodgers (vs SF, many friendly SF faces sitting nearby). High point: snagging a foul tip in LA, pitched by Mad Bum himself. Even higher point--I caught it after next-seat neighbor bobbled it and gave me an easy grab. Perhaps if he hadn't been so…


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Slow but steady progress towards the big 30

After 5 annual trips, we're now up to 23 out of 30. This year, just the two opening days Houston and Phoenix, maybe a bit more in September. Next year we'll try to do the five remaining East Coast cities--Detroit, Toronto, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and NY Yankees. After that, just Seattle and Kansas City. Our plane from Chicago to Dallas stopped in Kansas City for 30 minutes--does that count? :) My son just turned 15, and miraculously, he is still speaking to me, sort of. One more year is all I…


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2012 Trip

I forgot to blog the trip of 2012. My son and I did SFO to Denver to Milwaukee to Baltimore to Boston to New York to Pittsburgh to Chicago to Minneapolis to home in SFO again. 8 games in 8 cities in 8 days! Whew! Everybody asks how to set up intense schedules like that, but it's really just getting all the schedules next to each other and seeing which cities have home games, plus which cities have free or at least cheap flights between them, then stringing them all together. Probably old hat…


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Hi all

So here I am pushing 70, and I finally found something my teen-aged son actually wants to do with me--chase ball parks. We did our two local parks (SF Bay Area) when he was younger, then started doing trips. 2010 was San Diego-Anaheim-LA, then 2011 was SF to Chicago White Sox to Dallas to St. Louis to Philadelphia to Washington to Atlanta to Tampa Bay to Miami back to SF, 8 parks in 12 days. This year we're just now buying tickets, but it looks like SF to Denver to Milwaukee to Baltimore to…


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