Slow but steady progress towards the big 30

After 5 annual trips, we're now up to 23 out of 30. This year, just the two opening days Houston and Phoenix, maybe a bit more in September. Next year we'll try to do the five remaining East Coast cities--Detroit, Toronto, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and NY Yankees. After that, just Seattle and Kansas City. Our plane from Chicago to Dallas stopped in Kansas City for 30 minutes--does that count? :) My son just turned 15, and miraculously, he is still speaking to me, sort of. One more year is all I ask!

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Comment by Rich Lane on August 24, 2014 at 5:57pm

2014: bagged four more: NYY, Cleveland, Detroit, and Cincinnati. Missed Toronto due to bad planning--now we have Toronto, Kansas City, and Seattle left. The son is now 16 and just barely speaking to me, but we might be able to hang on for one more trip together. Otherwise I'll have to wait until he's 21 and hope Mark Twain's observation holds true again ("When I turned 21, I was astounded at how much my father had learned in the past 5 years.")


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