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2014 Summer Roadtrip starting from West Coast

        I live in Southern California, so this trip actually works out better. This would be a great trip for anyone on West Coast. Megabus in combination with a few Greyhound rides, or just the 60 day Greyhound pass would work great, all the bus times work with this schedule, much cheaper than driving and no parking fees.

June 6  SD vs Was

         7  Ari vs Atl

        10 Texas vs Mia

        12 Houston vs Ari

        14  Atlanta vs…


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2014 Stadium Tour starting from East Coast

Anyone who lives on the east coast, this could make for a very fun and efficient stadium roadtrip this summer. Includes a nice variety of visiting teams, some very good matchups, rivalries, and the All Star Game in Minneapolis

June 22  Washington vs Atl

        23  Baltimore vs Chicago AL

        24 Philadelphia vs Mia

        25 New York NL vs Oak

        27 New York AL vs Bos

        30 Boston vs Chicago NL

July   2  Toronto vs…


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30 Stadiums in 55 days

I was just looking at the schedule and just for fun was looking at a time in the schedule where all the east coast teams were all at home this summer. Just for fun, I kept going through the schedule in exact geographical order around the country, basically the route you would take to see all 30 stadiums with NO backtracking. I thought for sure as I kept checking each team that I would eventually hit a point where one team would be gone for at least more than a week and it would put a snag in…


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Midwest Stadium Trip

Anyone looking to do a Midwest stadium trip this week?


Apr 17 Kansas City

      18 St Louis

      19 Chicago White Sox

      20 See Chicago

      21 Chicago Cubs

      22 Milwaukee

      23 Minneapolis



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30 ballparks in 40 days in geographical order

For anyone who lives in the Great Lakes area, heres a great stadium tour you could do later on this season. If you follow the map. it is very efficient for driving. I just checked the schedule, it works pretty good, but you would definately be on the move. I dont live in that region, but hopefully somebody makes this trip, i think it would be a great trip!


August 5  Cincinnati

           6  Cleveland

           7  Detroit

           8 …


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Great Lakes/East Coast trip

Heres a last minute trip for anyone up for a fun efficient trip

June 15 Cincinnati
16 Cleveland
17 Detroit
18 Toronto
20 Pittsburgh
22 Washington
23 Baltimore
24 Philadelphia
26 NY Mets
28 Hall of Fame
29 NY Yankees
30 Boston

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California Ballparks Trip

There is a week in June where you could plan a very nice California Ballparks Trip, especially if you are an Angels fan. You start in the Bay Area and end up in San Diego. Very efficient trip with plenty of time to travel and 2 days in Bay Area and LA area

Thursday June 11 Angels at Oakland

Friday June 12 Oakland at San Francisco

Saturday June 13 Angels at Dodgers

Sunday June 14 Angels at Dodgers

Monday June 15 Milwaukee at Angels

Tuesday June 16 Toronto at… Continue

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stadium trips

Works out nicely to see the Angels at wrigley this year and be able to see 5 other stadiums as well.

June 2010

15 Minnesota

17 Kansas City

18 St Louis

19,20 Chicago - Wrigley Field

22 Chicago - US Cellular

23 Milwaukee

Anybody looking for a nice short great lakes trip, it works out again this year Tuesday-Sunday. Had a fun time doing this one seeing the angels in Cleveland and Toronto in '09

18 Cincinnati

19 Cleveland

20… Continue

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