4/28 - Dodgers at Mets, Citi Field, NYC
4/30 - Mets at Phillies, Citizens Bank Park, Phila.
5/1 - Twins at Indians, Progressive Field, Cle.
5/2 - Angels at Tigers, Comerica Park, Det.
5/3 - Mets at Reds, Great American Ballpark, Cincy
5/4 - Mets at Reds, Great American Ballpark, Cincy
5/5 - Mets at Reds, Great American Ballpark, Cincy

I have never been to games in Det or Cincy - any suggestions?

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Comment by Ryan Lloyd on May 3, 2010 at 6:37pm
yes, Make sure you get Skyline. If not once, multiple times. It our local favorite. The Skyline Coney dogs. Many people love the 3-way chili but the dogs are to die for. If you can go to one of the local restaurants out side of the stadium (only a few blocks away). It will be much cheaper and give you real feel for how the dog became such a local favorite.

Comment by Scott Bell (30/42) on April 27, 2010 at 3:42pm
Note the bobblehead - from "Jeremy Bonderman Bobblehead Day" at Comerica.

I believe 5/2 is a day game - good move. We also did a weekend day game in Detrroit and didn't find it nearly as intimidating as reputed.

We found Comerica to be surprisingly nice with lots of amenities, very good fans and the homage to Tiger history is impressive (check out the Al Kaline statue in right field - he's still posied to make a catch).

Again, during the day it's not a bad area at all.

At night?

Great American is a nice ball park too - the interactive areas are great if you are bringing kids.

Here too the fans are good - though to make friends make sure you tell them that Pete Rose belongs in the Hall of Fame. He is still God to them!!!

Three days in Cincy seems a lot. There isn't really that much to do - though a riverboat trip may be in order.

Again if you have kids, or even if you don't, there is a good Amusement Park (Kings Island) in Mason, OH, about 20 miles north of downtown. It is a good way to spend a day and you may find the rooms out there are a bit more reasonable than they are either downtwon or across the river in Kentucky. There are some nice Marriott properties that you can probably get for around 100 per night.

Hope this helps and above all - HAVE FUN !!!


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