Since I am new to this site I will provide some background about my ballpark chase.

I have always been a baseball fan, but the idea of seeing all 30 Major League ballparks didnt cross my mind until a road trip to Minneapolis with 3 friends in August of 1995. Hey what a great idea! Its taken many years to do this but I have to arrange trips around work! I also have put together a scrapbook that contains pictures of each park and city, a game ticket, team schedule, and photo of each game program. This book is still a work in progress because as new stadiums open I will visit those also. Nationals Park June 8th....38th park and counting!

Tiger Stadium- many visits
Skydome- first visit Sept 1989
Comiskey park- first visit June 1993
Jacobs Field- June 1994
Metrodome- August 1995
Wrigley Field- first visit Oct 1995
County Stadium- August 1996
Pro Player Stadium- May 1998
Tropicana Field- May 1998
Turner Field- first visit August 1998
Veterans Stadium- May 1999
Camden Yards-first visit May 1999
Busch Stadium- July 1999
Kauffman Stadium - July 1999
Cinergy Field - Sept 1999
Comerica Park - first visit April 2000
Yankee Stadium - May 2000
Shea Stadium - May 2000
Fenway park - May 2000
Olympic Stadium - July 2000
Bank One Ballpark - Sept 2000
PNC Park - first visit June 2001
Edison Field- Sept 2001
Astros Field- April 2002
Ballpark in Arlington - April 2002
Miller Park- June 2002
Dodger Stadium- Sept 2002
Qualcomm Stadium - Sept 2002
Great American Ballpark - May 2003
Pac Bell Park - July 2003
Network Coliseum -July 2003 same day as Pac Bell
Coors Field - May 2004
Petco Park -May 2005
Safeco Field - July 2005 (all 30 teams)
RFK Stadium -first visit August 2005
Busch 2 Stadium - May 2006
Citizens Bank Park - August 2006

It is also fun to explore the towns and see the sites although some cities can be expensive. (NY, SF!)
Since there has been a slow down in the new stadiums opened I have been able to get to some of the Triple A parks,the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs will complete the International League parks in June.

I look forward to hearing from other chasers to share experiences, tips, etc


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Comment by Ken Lee (30/43) on June 19, 2008 at 4:43pm
Those 3 shouldn't be to hard, the worst part will be getting from here to there as I hate flying, but will do it if I have to :) In August 2006 I did a road trip that had me at the Metrodome (2 games), Miller Park, Wrigley Field (3 games), Comerica Park, Rogers Centre, PNC Park and (new) Busch (2 games) all in consecutive days. 11 games in 11 days in 7 parks. That was fun. I also caught games at Ameriquest Field and Coors Field for a total of 13 games in 15 days on that trip. That's my kinda vacation :)
Comment by SteveHarvill(30/43) on June 19, 2008 at 1:16pm
Hey Ken, congrats to you. I think I've had it easier living in the midwest I was able to drive to quite a few parks. Hopefully you can squeeze all three new parks on one trip....with scheduling it can be difficult.
Comment by Ken Lee (30/43) on June 18, 2008 at 4:33pm
Congrats on all the parks! I had been to all 30 as of August 25, 2006, but with National Park opening, I am down to 29 current parks, and a few of the stadiums of the past. Living in the Washington State makes it hard to make it to game, can be spendy, but I will get the new one in DC as soon as the 2 in NY open... looking forward to it!
Comment by Craig (17) on May 30, 2008 at 4:57pm
Ha ha...Hooters for the wings, right!!

That would be great if you could take pics at Nationals Park...we do not have them represented on here yet.
Comment by SteveHarvill(30/43) on May 30, 2008 at 1:18pm
Yeah, digital cameras are real easy to work with. Most of my ballpark pics are pasted in my scrapbook. I will be at Nationals Park in just over a week so I will be able to post those. I usually try the local stadium beers and food. Oh and a trip to the local Hooters is a must!
Comment by Jack (6) on May 29, 2008 at 11:11pm
Congratulations Steve! I hope to get to 30 one day...just trying to get out of the Northeast to see all the other parks. It is unfortunate that nearly all of my photos are from a film based camera. I need to invest in a digital camera so I can post photos on here. My tradition is to keep my ticket and grab a team schedule. Oh, and also get a hot dog and beer at each stadium!
Comment by Craig (17) on May 27, 2008 at 9:30pm
Great post, Steve... I am excited to see you post your collection of photos! Congratulations on being our first Ballpark Chaser who has seen all 30 parks! You are an official honorary member of the Polo Grounds Club and can join our group here.

As for myself, I have currently seen 14 parks and have a goal of seeing a new one every year. I always save my ticket stub and take a photo at each new stadium. When I return home, it is tradition for me to put a "pushpin" in a map that displays all baseball stadiums and attractions around the country. I started this website as a tool to create an online scrapbook and form a community for others to do the same! We are in our second month so look for more to come...


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