now that I have a blog, I feel obligated to try this blogging out. Some random thoughts from this past weekend...the opening of college football season:

--Nice win for Texas. Attendance was 98,053! I'm trying to remember what the largest attendence was for the games I attended in '86-'90...70,000-75,000? And, this was only for a "big" SWC game; the opener vs. a non-conference team was never a sell out.
--Not worried about our next opponent, UTEP, as they dropped their opener to former Bottom 10er Buffalo, 42-17. This week's Bottom 10:
--ASU Red Wolves 18, A&M 14. At College Station.
--Is Clemson really the best the ACC has to offer this year? 0 rushing yards vs. 239 for Bama.

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