Sometimes work has benefits outside of a steady paycheck, excellent co-workers, and a stellar mission. Sometimes work takes you places on just the right day so you can catch a ballgame at a ballpark that you have never been to before. And on May 3rd that happend for me! I was in Hickory North Carolina, on a warm spring evening to catch the Hickory Crawdads play some local rivals the Kannapolis Intimidators at L.P. Frans Stadium!

The game went on until sometime in the 5th or 6th inning as I recall, until a massive storm system finally (we could see it coming and in the distance the entire game) hit us full on. I hid out in different parts of the park as long as I could, until I finally called it for myself late into the night. But it was a great experience even if I did not see a complete game!

The Park



Coming on down from the mountains of North Carolina, I was treated to old-style Single A baseball in Hickory for an evening in May. There is nothing like relaxing at a new ballpark watching two teams you have no allegiance to play the sport you love. The Crawdads’ home is a very open and classic styled ballpark tucked into the rolls and mountain sides of the town. Coming down from the hill side, you have a great view of the entire ballpark immediately. (Insider tip! – you can park for free and save $ by parking in the empty lot above the field to the right before you get into the park!)


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Comment by Nick DiColandrea on September 5, 2011 at 3:17pm
Thanks Craig! It actually might be 7-9 years before I make it out that way! I've got a master plan, and I'm trying to do 10 a year. That should put me on the West Coast by 2020!
Comment by Craig (17) on June 15, 2011 at 7:31pm
Great stuff as always, Nick! When you coming to Washington state?


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