There is nothing like making plans for something completely different than baseball, check out and see the local ball club is playing, and to have a loving fiance say “Let’s Do It!” You cannot beat baseball and love.

The Memphis Redbirds was a special treat – as only my 2nd Triple A club I have seen – I felt like I was watching so many major league caliber players inside a mecca of baseball. AutoZone Park in downtown Memphis is home to one of the most unique and successful teams that is under 15 years old. My fiance and I caught a Sunday game between the Birds and what I can only imagine to be their main rival – Ryan Sandburg’s Iowa Cubs!


The Memphis Redbirds Baseball Foundation is an 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, that owns the team and stadium. Funds are used to pay for various baseball programs for youth in Memphis, such as MLB’s R.B.I., STRIPES, and more to keep baseball live in our kids lives. As a nonprofit professional – and one who believes highly in the capacity for change nonprofits can have – I have found myself my 2nd favorite team in the minors.



On to the park! Follow me after the jump to my blog! 

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Comment by Dutch Van Duzee on June 14, 2011 at 7:35pm
glad you enjoyed your trip to AutoZone Park!


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