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I am planning on finishing my all 30 teams in their home stadium goal these next two years, and thought I would pose a question or two on here to those in he know.

Seattle is my main goal, and I was wondering how the transportation to and from the airport to the park is? I recall reading it was a short ride via mass transit, but wanted to get the exact details down before I finalize my plans. More than likely it will be a weekday game, and my goal is to fly into Seattle, hopefully arrive fairly early like noon, see around the park, watch the game, then back to the airport and fly back home(Northern KY). Sleeping will be done on the plan more than likely.

Also, how is the transportation from the airport regarding Arizona and Colorado? Once I knock out these 3 parks, that leaves only the California stadiums, and I will do that as a reward to myself for 20 years at the same job, which comes up in 2015.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone is curious about Great American Ballpark/Cincinnati, drop me a line. I have season tickets in right field four rows off the wall behind Jay Bruce. I have a good amount of knowledge about the area, and can guide anyone not only to the best areas to eat, stay, park, including FREE parking within 5 minutes of the park, as well as other sights around our small market team city. The only thing you cannot do is crash on my couch for the All Star Game here next year. That is already claimed.

All the best, and maybe meet one or two of you by the smokestacks in center this year.


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Comment by meg minard (30/44/205) on February 3, 2014 at 6:13pm

For Colorado, though they are building it, there is no train available to the airport yet. I'm sending you a friend invite.

Comment by John Crain on January 30, 2014 at 5:55am

Thank you Mr. O'English for the help. I think I have it nailed down on what date I plan on attending, and look forward to seeing my favorite team(the Houston Astros) invade the upper west coast later this year. Good Times.

My tickets for the 2014 season in Cincinnati have yet to arrive yet, but I have a 40 game deal with the Reds, and the average out to 25-26$ a hit. I can manuever them around to pick up games here and there when I do not want to watch some teams(Padres? Really?), and when I get that information, I will let you know. I have not really looked at the giveaway schedule for this year, as I do try to avoid them due to large crowds, but this last year, the Reds pretty much did their bobblehead giveways on Mon-Wed games, I guess to try and draw in more fans during the weekdays. I do remember the Votto bobblehead was during the A's interleague game, as that was the only bobble I got last year, just because I had only seen Oakland play once. They are doing a fairly nice Homer Bailey Dual No-Hitter this year, but I fear it is going to be the hardest to get, since they are already selling ticket packages promoting the fact that you will get this game date if you buy the 13 game deal. Promotions sell I guess.

Anyway, I thank all for their help, and anxiously await 2 months from Saturday when Opening Day invades sounthern Ohio/Northern Kentucky.

All the best,


Comment by John Crain on January 30, 2014 at 5:46am

Comment by Lisa (21) on January 27, 2014 at 12:59pm

Hey John! Love the Reds, and usually make 4-6 games or so a year on top of my chasing. (I used to live in Cincy but now I'm 3 hours away.) I may keep you in mind, we've sat in those home runs seats, front row that I bought off stubhub before. Of course being out of town we usually go up on the weekends, and my kid loves bobblehead days so you may not want to get rid of your tickets on those occasions. How much are your seats? And how many do you have? The only stadium I've been to of those 3 you plan to hit is Colorado, and yes we got a rental car. The airport in the middle of no where. But you could definitely catch a morning flight in, rent a car, catch the 1pm game and back to Cincy that night. Sounds fun actually. Good Luck in your travels. And if you don't mind get back with me on your ticket details. Thanks!

Comment by Mark O (30.5) on January 25, 2014 at 12:27pm

The light rail runs from SeaTac (the airport) to downtown; it takes about a half hour and there's a stop just two or three blocks from Safeco's left field entrance. It's a piece of cake; I've done it many times myself.

If you're still nervous - train frequencies can be found at and if you click there on the "Stations" link at the lower of the two top menus and then skip down that to the Stadium Station section, you can see an aerial map showing the station location with the baseball and football stadiums just west of it.

I've never been to Chase, but I'm doing Spring Training in Phoenix in March and planning on touring Chase while I'm there, and it looked to me like there's light rail from the airport direct to Chase. Unless something's changed in Denver in the past few years, however, you're in for a long shuttle, taxi, or bus ride there - the Denver airport is waaay out there and there's no rail anywhere near it.


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