I must admit that there is a a need to really consider asking for a re-do on the ballpark rankings with a more definitive criteria list. Thanks to Gary Herman for asking thought provoking questions that had me brainstorming all day on how to run with this. I think the ballpark chasers did a decent job in their initial rankings (as proof that about 75% of our list of THE rankings were within 5 spots of where the FORBES list was). However, since we have some new chasers added this year--and a new ballpark in 'TARGET FIELD' we can do this again and see if we get to the same result. I open the forum up to anyone that seen at least 10 ballparks to give their honest answers. 10 different parks is a good reflection on how the parks rate against each other I will use an aggregate percentage of each park to give a score. In The book I will give you credit for contributing. I will post the results of each category in the book to see what parks are best in different categories. We could just use ballpark atmosphere at the park--but we are chasers and as such should list everything that entails a ballpark experience.



1. PARK ATMOSPHERE AND APPEARANCE--Includes park scenery and fan participation,

2.AFFORDABILITY/VALUE---to determine whether the money spent is worth the return of investment. Add Parking to this category

3.ACCESSIBILITY AND OUTSIDE APPEARANCE---This is the immediate vicinity around the ballpark--it may include atmosphere outside as well.

4. FOOD---Self explanatory but remember if the park has a lot of awesome eats or just a singular item that is good. Relate it to the other parks you have seen

5. HISTORY/TRADITIONS/INTANGIBLES----Use of space in the park when it comes to historically chronicling the team--things that set the park each from each other

I will add up the totals on SEPT.30 and post the findings soon after. Use the category number eg-1. which means PARK ATMOSPHERE instead of writing full words to save time for each city. Use 3 letter abbreviations for the city to save time aswell--I know em all.



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Comment by Steph (16+5) on September 3, 2010 at 8:56pm
Just wanted to say in response to your status that I'll be at Target Field on Sunday 9/5.


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