I plan my trips based on a weekend where I can see three games in reasonable proximity to each other. This limits my options. There are only so many weekends the Astros and Rangers are both home. So I don't choose the teams. If you can, you should. 

I checked out Stubhub.com tickets in the Terrace Infield Box for the Orioles. Tickets for a game with the White Sox showed a bunch of tickets available for between $18 and $22. For the Red Sox there was nothing less than $66. For the Yankees all the tickets were at least $90.


I looked at the Seattle Mariners Lower Level Infield. The lowest Yankees price was $97. The Red Sox were at least $98. For the Rangers the price was $57. For the Padres the price was $45. 

I go to watch a game in the ballpark. I'm not following any particular team. I saw three straight shutouts last week with pitchers who were largely unknown. So if you're like me and don't care about the opponent, it just makes sense to avoid the Red Sox and Yankees. 

One other thing to watch is the giveaway games. The Phillies were in Los Angeles for four games. I was looking at Monday and Tuesday. On Monday I saw that tickets in Reserve MVP Value were as low as $8 apiece on Stubhub. Tuesday was a giveaway game and the tickets weren't lower than $21. I do like getting a giveaway as my souvenir of the game, but is it worth paying $15 more for a $5 giveaway?

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Comment by Tim Choiniere on May 9, 2014 at 4:34pm

They raise the prices on Stubhub due to how much the teams price home games.  Supply and Demand....

Comment by David Lasdon on May 9, 2014 at 3:45pm

You're talking about how teams price home games. Many teams have tiered pricing based on the quality of opponent. I'm talking about how the ticket prices on Stubhub when the Red Sox and Yankees are the visiting teams are much higher than other games. 

Comment by Tim Choiniere on May 9, 2014 at 11:07am

Its not just the Red Sox and Yankees that are listed as premium opponents.  I think almost all teams now have tiered pricing where the price changes based on opponents.  Yes, the Sox and Yankees fall in this but there are other teams as well.


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